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From the moment I entered the offices of the VanMeveren Law Group, I was immediately greeted with a highly competent and professional team. After a thorough informational meeting with Bryan VanMeveren, Jolene Blair was assigned my case and I could not have asked for a more dedicated, detailed, knowledgeable, and precise individual. She was professionally relentless and determined to make sure that I was treated fairly and compensated accordingly. I was extremely fortunate to have her on my side and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. Thank you so much for everything, Jolene, you were truly awesome! –Betty

What Do You Really Know About Groundhog Day?

3 Myths About Our Favorite Furry Meteorologist

Despite the fact that most, if not all, meteorologists place little value on a furry marmot’s ability to predict an early spring, the annual tradition of Groundhog Day is still one that millions of people love to celebrate. Because it is based more on folkloric legend than scientific evidence, Groundhog Day is associated with shams and spoofs of varying degrees. There are many myths regarding the tradition as well as the famous Punxsutawney Phil himself. Myth 1: The predictions are accurate. Many event-goers put a lot of faith in Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions. Unfortunately, he is more likely to be wrong than right. According to studies based on Phil’s predictions and the weather patterns that follow, it seems Phil’s predictions receive an accuracy rate of only 39 percent. Myth 2: Groundhog Day is harmless. Much like humans, most groundhogs don’t like being suddenly jostled out of their sleep. Their frustration often leads to them biting their handlers. For this reason, the handlers usually wear heavy gloves to protect themselves. However, that isn’t always enough of a precaution to ensure everyone’s safety. In 2009, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was bitten through his glove, and subsequent Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped his groundhog in 2014. Myth 3: Phil is the only famous rodent. While Phil is probably the most well-known ground-dwelling meteorologist, he is not the only groundhog with weather predicting abilities. For example, General Beauregard Lee is the weather predictor for the city of Lilburn, Georgia. Staten Island Chuck takes care of the New York territory, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has three groundhogs of its own, which is probably due to its rich Pennsylvania Dutch history. Canada has even started a Groundhog Day tradition with Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia and Balzac Billy in Alberta. Even though Groundhog Day is a holiday based on many myths, it still provides a great time for event-goers all across the world. You might not be able to fully trust Phil’s predictions, but the superstition and mystique associated with this unique and festive day make it one you shouldn’t skip out on.

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