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the derby. But all proceeds will go towards the Sports Dome project. As for the current status for the project, the club has presented township administration and council with the draft memorandum of understanding (MoU), which outlines the responsibilities of the club and themunicipality towards the project.The club will fundraise and build the dome and then turn it over to the township for operation through its recreation depart- ment. Timeline «As soon as we get (MoU) approval,» said Anthony, «then we are going to do an inten- sive three-week consultation process with the entire township.» The public consultation process for the club will focus on two points: a qualitative listing and analysis of what kinds of features a future sports recreation dome facility, simi- lar to the one in Orléans, could offer Russell Township residents and visiting groups, and a quantitative analysis of what kind of fea- tures would get themost use and would rate professionals, schools, seniors groups, and others during the three-week consultation period, and also set up an online survey and feedback process through the project website. Anthony emphasized that the club wants as much community involvement in the project as possible. «I want to hear personally fromeverybody what they want in the dome,» he pointed out. «It’s their (community) dome. We will build what they want.» After the consultation process is done, the club will hire design and engineering consul- tants to work out details for the facility. After that, Anthony said, the «real fundraising» will spectacle folklorique offert par le groupe Les Bons Vivants composé de Brian et Benoît St- Pierre, Yvon Neveu ainsi que JocelyneMar- tin. Cette soirée aura lieu le 10 juin suivant le souper de clôture des jeux à Saint-Isidore. RAPA call for Auditions priority status when construction of the facility begins. The Kin Club will hold consultations with local sports clubs and teams, health services

Cool weather for themost part, with a little bit of rain to freshen the sultry air, made for a good weekend for drowning worms along the Castor River during the annual Poutmasters Derby in Russell. While several anglers, both young and old, took home prizes in the catch-and-re- lease fishing derby, the big winner overall is the Sports Dome project of the Russell Kin Club because of all the good publicity, and a bit of cash for the project expense fund, the derby generated. Kin Club President Doug Anthony is more than happy about both how the derby itself played out over the weekend and how support is growing all over Russell Township for the project. «It’s been overwhelmingly positive,» claimed Anthony, during a brief lull in his on-site derby duties. «We have been ove- rwhelmingly pleased by the feedback we’ve already gotten from the township.» Anthony and other flows through Russell Village. More than 300 mud pouts, a local catfish species, were taken out of the river, weighed andmeasured, then put back to live and fight for another angler’s pleasure another day. This year’s derby winners include Ainsely Hamilton, first in the youth division with a 676-gram catch, Drew Vidal, second at 652 grams, and Carter Simpson, third with a 630-gram fish. In the adult division, first place went to Luc Séguin with a 666-gram fish, second was Nick Hamilton at 565 grams, and third Justin Harten at 544 grams. Final tally was still in progress as of the press deadline of all themoney raised during Les amateurs de pétanque et d’activités sociales ont jusqu’au 29mai pour s’inscrire aux Jeux des 50 ans et plus de Prescott, dont la 17 e édition se tiendra du 8 au 10 juin, à Hawkesbury et Saint-Isidore. SelonMadeleine Besner, coordonnatrice des Services communautaires de Prescott et Russell, les organisateurs s’attendent à accueillir entre 800 et 1000 personnes lors de l’événement durant lequel une vingtaine d’activités seront organisées par les diffé- rents clubs d’âge d’or de Prescott. Le golf est de retour cette année encore au Club La Cité. Il y aura également la marche historique de l’Annexe à Hawkesbury. Des jeux de pétanque extérieurs sont prévus, de mini-putt, de quilles, de tournois de dards et de baseball-poche, de bingo, de danse en ligne, de zumba à basse intensité et dif- férentes parties de cartes dont le bridge et le whist militaire. Les intéressés peuvent s’inscrire en com- muniquant avec les clubs d’âge d’or de la région ou avec les Services communautaires de Prescott et Russell,1 888 414-4494 FREE. En plus des autres activités, il y aura un Kin Club volunteers spent their May 9 wee- kendmaking suremore than 330 anglers of all ages enjoyed them- selves along the section of the Castor River that

Diane Barber enjoys a quiet Saturday with her family along the Castor River, trying her luck with the fish during the annual Poutmasters Derby.

After the consultation process is done, the club will hire design and engineering consultants to work out details for the facility.

begin as the Kin Club begins searching out grant programs from senior government and foundations, and organizing more events and activities to raise project capital. Anthony also noted that the Kin Club wants to set up a permanent committee which would help guide present and future

development and use of the sports dome once it is constructed and also could serve as an advisory group for township council and administration on sports and recreation projects, needs and issues throughout the municipality.

Jeux des 50 ans et plus

Russell High School May 13 & 14 at 7:00 p.m. more details at

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