Carnaby Magazine ISSUE 6

Words by Mike Gibson Editor at Foodism

Photographs by Tim Atkins


Given the problems facing the environment today, there’s no better time than now to put sustainability front of mind when choosing where to eat and drink. Whether it’s seeing images of the Amazon rainforest burning, watching Sir David Attenborough in front of an ocean strewn with plastic, or flicking through Twitter and reading headlines that spell out the challenge of balancing the lives we lead with their effect on the planet we inhabit, it’s clear to anyone with a conscience and a semblance of common sense that this is something of a watershed moment. Thankfully, though, it’s never been easier to make considered choices when dining out. Many restaurants, bars and cafés are putting traceability, responsible sourcing, reduction of food waste and the elimination of single-use plastic at the very top of the agenda when they’re opening venues or assessing their daily and weekly operations. Chefs and restaurateurs are usually environmentally minded people. They recognise that good sourcing, careful stewardship of the land and non-invasive farming methods usually lead to better-tasting food. They also relish the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint using innovative methods across the kitchen and supply chain.

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From left to right: Some of Carnaby's restaurants, bars and cafés who are taking action to protect the ocean; The Rum Kitchen , Cahoots , Bread Ahead , Jinjuu , Crumbs & Doilies .

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