Carnaby Magazine ISSUE 6

These are the types of stories that we at Foodism are passionate about telling. That’s why, when we began working with Carnaby, we were excited to hear about the Blue Turtle initiative and got our readers together in September 2019 to celebrate all things food and sustainability. Thinking about the environmental impact of their businesses is something restaurateurs and venue operators should be doing anyway, but using a simple pledge to create a mutually supportive community and to set an example for the rest of London and the UK pushes that further: it creates an environment where positive change is nurtured and encouraged. For consumers, too, creating cultural moments like this can be hugely influential to the way people make choices in their own lives, from shopping to eating and drinking. We hope that seeing the Blue Turtle logo in Carnaby windows will do just that – after all, if you know the bars and restaurants you’re going to are at the cutting edge of sustainable drinking and dining, going anywhere else seems a bit like going against common sense, doesn’t it?

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