Carnaby Magazine ISSUE 6


Oliver Spencer is another contemporary brand embracing a more environmentally friendly approach, with 32% of all its clothing now made using fabrics certified for their environmental credentials. On top of that, 41% of the cotton used in the new AW19 collection is organic, packaging has been dramatically minimised and the Berwick Street store is powered by renewable energy. The Scandinavians are renowned for being groundbreakers in the eco-friendly stakes, and Swedish quality bag makers Sandqvist on Berwick Street go all out to make stylish but long-lasting everyday bags with special care for the environment. All products are made using organic cotton or vegetable tanned leather and all synthetic fabrics now contain recycled fibres. These are sustainable bags made to last. Over on Carnaby Street, Monki has reached its goal to source 100% of its cotton products sustainably, including organic cotton, recycled cotton and Better Cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Even more amazingly, the brand is doing its bit for recycling by encouraging people to take in old clothes to its store – from any brand – to be recycled, with the help of its partners at I:CO. Once you’ve handed in your old bag of old clothes, they will give you a 10% discount voucher just to say thanks!

Sustainability is the buzz word in fashion, but it’s not a trend, it’s a necessity that everyone needs to embrace. Here’s how some Carnaby and Soho favourites are doing their bit.

There’s perhaps no better way to support sustainability than by wearing vintage, so why not head to Reign Vintage on Berwick Street and explore its impressive array of vintage pieces from the 1950s–1990s? There are loads of top name brands and designers that can be found, from Lacoste and Fred Perry to Valentino and Love Moschino. Also on the premium vintage tip is Ralph Lauren’s new RRL store on Newburgh Street. A long-time lover and wearer of vintage denim himself, Ralph brings in superb hand-picked pieces, including leather jackets, belts and jewellery to complement the vintage-inspired RRL on offer. The brand is also committed to creating sustainable denim with its Design the Change strategy, partnering with suppliers who collect and recycle old denim.

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