“Kid Flash” named for citizenship award

for the Ontario Junior Citizens awards will attend a special presentation with Ontario Lt-Governor David C. Onley in Toronto, March 8. All the other nominees will receive certificates of recognition for their efforts from their local community newspapers.

through running in the annual Ottawa marathons. He is training for his fifth mara- thon this year and hopes to meet his goal of $20,000 in total fundraising from his run- ning. Grijalva and the other 11 final recipients

giving program, Direct Energy, and the On- tario Community Newspapers Association. The aim of the Ontario Junior Citizens awards is to both recognize community leadership and service in young people and highlight the efforts of those who provide examples of good citizenship to their peers. Grijalva’s nomination resulted from his efforts since the age of three to both raise money and awareness for Canadian Ath- letes and Canadian Paralympic Athletes. He became the youngest runner at the age of three to take part in the Kids Ot- tawa Marathon and for the past four years since then he has raised more than $15,000


ORLÉANS | Luis-Eduardo Grijalva is always on the run to help others. Now, at last, the recognition he deserves is starting to catch up with him. The seven-year-old Orléans lad is one of a dozen recipients of the 2012 Ontario Ju- nior Citizen of the Year awards. Grijalva and his peers were chosen out of 150 nomina- tions for the awards, which are sponsored through the TD Bank Group’s community

Local author promotes forgotten village.


CURRAN | Behind her glasses, Alexandra de Quimper looked over her own self- published book, trying to find a detailed map about the forgotten village of Grant. “I always found it odd, how people don’t know about something which is located so close to them” said the black-haired author. For the past 20 years or so, De Quimper has made it her life goal to shed light on the Village of Grant, which physically disap- peared in the early 20th century. “We had our first Remembrance Day cer- emony in 2000 and our first big picnic on August the 12th, 2001,” she boasted. But as De Quimper kept explaining the many different activities she has organized over the past years, it became evident that the effort she has brought to promote Grant is slowing down. “I’m awaiting a hip surgery, so for the first time, I couldn’t go place a Christmas wreath on the cemetery gate” she said, following a long sigh. “I do it just to show that at least someone cares, that someone has been there.” De Quimper added that although volun- teering isn’t as strong as she hoped, acts of vandalism are less frequent then before. “I used to pick up half a garbage bag worth or beer bottles in the cemetery” she said. “But it’s much better now.” As she sipped part of her homemade egg- nog, De Quimper still had a worried expres- sion on her face. “A while back, some people decided to rip out the cemetery gate we had erected not long ago” she said. “They used a truck to rip it out.” Another sip of her beverage seemed to lighten the mood however. “I’m very happy that at least the county has decided to step up and help,” she said.

Avis – Première série de séances portes ouvertes Route 174 d’Ottawa / Route 17 du comté de Prescott-Russell Étude d’évaluation environnementale de portée générale

Mercredi 6 février 2013 (Orléans) École secondaire Sir Wilfrid Laurier, cafétéria

Mardi 5 février 2013 (Cumberland) Club Lions de Cumberland, salle Maple 2552, chemin Old Montreal, Cumberland De 18 h 30 à 21 h, exposé à 19 h

1515, chemin Tenth Line, Orléans De 18 h 30 à 21 h, exposé à 19 h

Jeudi 7 février 2013 (Rockland) Hôtel de ville, Salle du Conseil municipal 1560, rue Laurier, Rockland De 18 h 30 à 21 h, exposé à 19 h

Les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell entreprennent, en partenariat avec la Ville d’Ottawa, une étude d’évaluation environnementale de portée générale pour le couloir de la route 174 d’Ottawa et de la route 17 du comté de Prescott-Russell, de l’autoroute 417 à la route de comté 8 (chemin Landry). Cette étude portera sur les améliorations à apporter au couloir de la route 174 d’Ottawa et de la route de comté 17 , sur les améliorations à apporter aux autres routes existantes et sur la construction de nouvelles routes dans le secteur visé par l’étude, qui est illustré ci- dessous. Cette étude est menée conformément aux exigences de l’annexe C du document sur les évaluations environnementales municipales de portée générale (2007, 2011).

“They now cut the grass in the cemetery, if they have time.” Volunteering is still needed, however, as the several different responsibilities can- not possibly be completed by De Quimper alone. “We sometime get students who do their 40-hour volunteering with us” she said. “But it would always be great to see more.” She urges students as well as fellow com- munity members to roll up their sleeves and discover their own backyard, through voluntary work and outdoor activities. “That’s how I found Grant,” she said. “I was walking through the Larose Forest and I suddenly came across a cemetery.” The Curran resident’s book, Grant: The People, The Settlement, The Story, is the only printed resource available for infor- mation about the hidden village, which is located in the middle of the Larose Forest between Casselman and Bourget. Copies are available from de Quimper by email or phone order to 613-673-1452 or alexddq@ The official UCPR flag will display the cor- porate logo with the words “Prescott” and “Russell” in company with maple leaf. The flag colours of green and brown, taken from the official logo, will represent agriculture and the Earth, “the very character and es- sence of our region” according to the coun- ties administration report. The UCPR has other symbols and logos specific to other functions, like the Larose Community Forest, its ceremonial heraldic coat of arms device, complete with a motto in Latin, used for special occasions, and the logos for the ambulance branch and other emergency services.

Les objectifs de cette première série de séances portes ouvertes sont les suivants : • Présenter le projet;

• Constater la nécessité du projet et les conditions actuelles; • Prendre connaissance des critères d’évaluation proposés; • Déterminer les solutions de rechange; • Examiner l’évaluation des solutions de rechange.

Counties wave the flag

Il y aura trois séries de séances de consultation publique au cours de l’étude. Ces séances auront pour but de permettre à la population d’examiner le projet, d’en discuter avec l’équipe chargée de l’étude et de formuler des commentaires. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur le projet ou pour faire ajouter votre nom à notre liste d’envoi, allez au ou auétuderoute174et17 ou encore communiquez avec :


Marc R. Clermont, ing. Directeur des Travaux publics Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell Tél. : 613-675-4661, poste 3100 Courriel :

AngelaTaylor, ing. Ingénieure principale de projet Ville d’Ottawa Tél. : 613-580-2424, poste 15210 Courriel :

L’ORIGNAL | It will soon be time to rally ‘round the flag at the United Counties of- fice. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR) gave its unanimous nod of approval to creating an official flag for the Prescott-Russell region. The decision to cre- ate a regional flag is part of the UCPR’s new official protocol for the display of flags at the counties office in L’Orignal.

Valerie McGirr, ing. Chargée de projet de firme de conseils AECOM Tél. : 613-820-8282, poste 243 Courriel :

Le financement de cette étude est assuré par le gouvernement de l’Ontario.

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