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The Reward of Experience GainingtheCouragetoStep OutonStage


Dec. 23–Jan. 1 Holiday Break: Closed for Classes Sunday, Jan. 26 Group Class Performance at Woodshed Smokehouse Fort Worth Mar. 9–13 Spring Break: Closed for Classes

The moment you step on stage can be a terrifying experience not just for kids but also for adults. On Oct. 10, Sam and I had a special opportunity to perform at the famous Steinway Hall in New

performance where I’m not even a little scared to get up there. It takes a lot of courage to push those fears aside and to not only take a step on stage but to also perform in the best way you can. But the feeling you have afterward is always worth it. You know you’ve done it and did your best, and that feeling can’t be taken from you. I see many students who struggle through their own performance anxiety. Our school holds a recital twice a year, with Bass Hall Encore Recitals coming up this Dec. 13–14, and during that time, I see hundreds of students dressed in their best and shaking from head to foot. These special events are an amazing chance for families to come together and encourage their sons, daughters, friends, and family who have been practicing so diligently to perform. For our teachers and family, this is a wonderful time to see how far the students have come and support them in this experience. The memories my wife and I created at our Steinway Hall performance on Oct. 10 will be remembered years down the line. If we hadn’t pushed ourselves to be confident in ourselves and our story and to just get up there, we wouldn’t have that precious gift of memories for our kids and family. In anything you do, whether it’s performing, giving a speech, or making a presentation in front of people, simply getting yourself up there is an extremely brave thing to do, and the memories and experiences you’ll have afterward are what make it so valuable. Here’s to all our students getting up on stage this Dec. 13–14 at our Bass Hall Encore Recitals! Enjoy these special moments. Share them. You won’t regret it!

Drums David S. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Johnny G.• Tue, Wed, Fri: SOLD OUT Zeke A. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Guitar Jerome B. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Andy V. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Aidan G. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Shera C. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Voice/Piano Alan T. • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Meredith Ball • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Taylor Teague • Mon–Wed, Sat: SOLD OUT Erica R. • Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat: SOLD OUT waiting list, please contact us and we can add you to our waiting list. Lawrence M • Mon–Sat: SOLD OUT Many teachers we have are sold out . If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a

York. The concert was made up of top performers from preeminent music schools across North America. When Sam and I were invited to this event, we were both thrilled and scared. It was an intimidating prospect to think of performing with these talented individuals despite knowing we are just as skilled. Each performer had a short time on stage to do whatever they wanted and to make the biggest impact, so we needed to be unique. We decided that instead of just showing off our chops, we’d try something different: sharing our story of how our family and music school came together through music. Filled with my jazz and blues tunes, Sam’s singer-songwriter vibe, and a little DIY sign action, we told our story in a fun, engaging way with a musical medley duet composed of our favorite songs together. Despite the hours of practice, knowing exactly what we were going to do, and knowing our strengths and skills, I was still terrified. The night of the performance, I felt as though I were a small kid preparing to go up for his first recital, and I didn’t want to get on stage. It was at that moment I remembered, this is how our students feel .

–Casey Thomas

Being scared to go up on stage is part of what being a musician is all about. I don’t think there will ever be a



The Importance of Community

Make some Holiday Music Memories your family will love! Looking for some inspiration of how you can spend some quality time with your family this holiday season? Check out these ideas! 1 Go caroling in your hood Go out and sing to some neighbors together. Keep it simple. One or two of your favorite family holiday songs! Bring along some jingle bells, tamborines, shakers or some DIY home made instruments for some added fun! 2 Sing around a piano Take the piece your child is learning and gather the family together in your living room or other area to show some support and listen. For some extra bonding, grab a pot or pan and spoon to lay down a beat and get the whole family involved! 3 3 Watch a holiday musical Grab some popcorn and a classic holiday movie or snuggle up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows for a special family night together. 4 Go to a holiday concert Check out a local venue for a Christmas Concert, Choir ensemble, or Nutcracker Ballet event! Typically you can find free Christmas Cantatas and family friendly events each holiday!

Recently, I came across the Greek word “koinonia,” which translates to “fellowship” or “community,” where everyone comes together to support one another. It emphasizes the bonds that connect and pull people close together. I happened to come across this word not too long ago, and I instantly started thinking about our family, not just the one in our home but also the one at Creative Soul Music School. Casey and I have built the community within the school for many years and continue to nurture it. Every student who is part of the school means a lot to us, and we’ve seen firsthand exactly what this community can do when all its members come together. One way Casey and I help our kids understand community is by teaching through example. Not only do we encourage every one of the students in the school, but we also extend a helping hand to our neighbors. Recently, one of our neighbors just had a baby, and on the night they came home from the hospital, we brought them a dinner to enjoy together. No matter what community you find yourself in, whether at church, in your neighborhood, at school, or in music lessons, building and strengthening those bonds helps you grow, both individually and together as a group. At Creative Soul, we believe that creating an understanding of community is important, and music helps with that. Music can create opportunities to build that fellowship both inside and outside of school. While spending time with your family at home, you can ask your child what they learned during their lessons that day, if they could play something after dinner, or about something they’ve been working on. While in their lessons, a child is brought together with like-minded students who share their passion, which they can share with others. Music helps tie these relationships together. A child who loves music is more connected to people and their community than they might realize. Everything we do at our school always comes back to our mission: “bringing families together through music lessons.”

Bring your whole family to our Bass Hall Recitals! Friday, Dec. 13, 2-10pm & Saturday, Dec. 14, 9am-10pm Fun for the whole family! Watch our students of all ages showcase their learning in this magical event at Sundance Square in Fort Worth! Sets every hour on the hour. Open to the public .


–Samantha Thomas


musical all stars

Welcome New Students

Please Welcome 79 New Creative Soul Students

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Congratulations, Benjamin, for earning your Song Bird Trophy! You are doing so well in Piano lessons. Great Job!

Christa G.

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Congratulations, Isaac, for earning your Song Bird Trophy! You are doing so well in Piano lessons. Keep up the good work!

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Congratulations goes to Paisley for earning her Song Bird trophy for Voice and Piano! Keep up the great work!


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