COMFORT COLORS® SHIRTS FEEL INCREDIBLY GOOD AND YOU CAN FEEL INCREDIBLY GOOD ABOUT WEARING THEM. As part of the Gildan® family of brands, we live out our GENUINE RESPONSIBILITY™ commitment every day, in every phase of production, from field to finished product. At Comfort Colors® we believe that our goals will be achieved by caring for our people, conserving the environment and creating strong communities throughour sustainabilityprograms andsocial initiatives. CONSERVING THE ENVIRONMENT Our commitment to environmental responsibility has always inspired and challenged us to minimize waste, optimize resources and pursue continuous improvements in every aspect of our operations. In 2017, by capturing the heat in our wastewater and transferring it to our incoming water, we managed to avoid burning the equivalent of 1.5 million gallons of fossil fuels. We have also been able to recycle or repurpose 86% of our total company waste. Our water-saving programs last year saved us 1.2 million m 3 of water even though we produced 5%more products. CARING FOR OUR PEOPLE We are keenly aware of our impact on people’s lives and the communities they live in. Our commitment to them—and to you—is to provide safe, ethical and rewarding places to work, where everyone gets the fair treatment and respect we all deserve. As part of the benefits we offered last year, we provided close to U.S. $15M worth of meal subsidies, $5M worth of free transportation, over 2MILLIONMAN-HOURS OF TRAINING AND 181,000 FREE MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS. AND OUR EFFORTS DON’T END THERE… CREATING STRONG COMMUNITIES As one of the largest private employers in most of the regions where we operate, we are in the unique position of being able to create economic development opportunities that reach beyond the jobs we create. In 2017 we purchased more than U.S. $150M worth of materials from local suppliers, creating thousands of incremental jobs along the way. Through our community engagement program, our investments are focused on improving local infrastructure and enriching people’s quality of life by advancing access to education and fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. We partner with community organizations to target and respond to the most pressing needs in the regions where we operate. So the next time you slip on a COMFORT COLORS® TEE , soak up the softness, enjoy the nature-inspired colors and take comfort knowing that your choice is Making Apparel Better.

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