Ten Fecks To Give

This moment of clarity that will bring (I hope) you to your very knees seeking the fecking help that exists out there at the touch of a button. Please face reality, drinking daily is not normal, healthy or wise and it must stop. The is a hard one to accept, even harder to put your hand up to but when you have enough oh shite mornings, even you will begin to accept you are up shit's creek without a paddle if you don't get a handle on this. Let's face it, you have tried dry January, dry October, only drinking on high days and holidays, November for the souls and feck, NONE of it is working. You will be feeling shite, saying oh shite and often have your head in your hands desperately wishing the Giant Feck wasn't so obvious to you. Deep down you know you need to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol. Deep down you know you have to stop this self- destruction but there is maddening part of you that wishes you could continue to have a few drinks like Eileen down the street. You can't. This is a serious issue for women masquerading as some me-time bullshit that is slowly and steadily erroding at our power in our own lives, those of our families and in society as a whole. We are compromised as women rendered powerless by a glass in our hand. The Giant Feck may make you scream but trust me, this is the breakthrough moment of real hope.

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