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JUNE 2020

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I believe a good parent is someone who is there for their child through everything. They offer support, guidance, and understanding, no matter what their child is facing. It’s a parenting style that I try to emulate, and I owe this and some of my greatest lessons in parenthood to my father. I was adopted from South Korea when I was just 4 months old. Throughout my life, my dad was always someone who I could rely on. I’ll never forget how patient he was when I was growing up and how his steady presence made an impact on who I am today. He was always at my sporting events or music concerts. He celebrated my achievements with me and always knew just what to say when I was facing a hard time. He’s a pretty funny guy too! However, one of my dad’s greatest qualities is how practical he is with the advice he doles out. I can rely on him to help me through

nearly anything. Whenever I need advice or guidance, Dad remains one of the top people I turn to for input. I value what he has to say and his perspective. As a result, I feel lucky to have grown up with a dad like mine, whose values and characteristics I can replicate with my kids. As the dad of three kids today, I don’t take my role lightly. Parents play a tremendous part in a child’s development, and when I think back to becoming a parent for the first time, I know I’ve learned so much since then. For instance, I probably wasn’t as patient as I am today! It’s interesting how, as parents, we place so much emphasis on helping our kids grow, building their confidence, and getting excited with each new milestone even as we grow with them. Today, my and Theresa’s babies continue to grow. Dylan, our 16-year- old, is driving and independent. I’m amazed because he already knows what he wants to do in his life. (I don’t think I could say the same at his age!) He plans to work in computer science, and it’s been great to see him develop this passion so early. Julien, our 7-year-old, has a nonstop motor! He keeps us on our toes with his stories and energy, but he’s also a loving, caring little boy. You can already tell that he’s filled with so much compassion for his family, and

I know he would do anything for us — when he isn’t keeping us busy!

Our youngest, Allison, is just graduating from crawling and is walking everywhere. She will be 18 months in June and has by far been the easiest baby. She’s easygoing and is starting to show her personality. Lately, Allison has been picking up books and “reading” them. Of course, she can’t actually read, but she’s naturally very curious about books and everything around her. I love being a dad to these three great kids, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow. This Father’s Day will probably be more laid-back than last year's Father's Day, but that’s fine by me. As long as we’re all together, that’s all that matters.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, and to all the dads celebrating this summer!

–Dr. Colin Sisco

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