Board Converting News, March 1, 2021

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the AutoView 24/7 Process Monitoring system, as well as extended service contracts to support our customers with their equipment uptime and OEE goals. “Even with the business continuation challenges at the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have been high- ly focused on the health and safety of our team and our customers. Not only were we able to maintain our opera- tions through this period, but we also added several highly experienced industry professionals to our technical staff throughout the year. This is just one example of our com- mitment to a long-term industry leading position for both the Systec and Automatan brands, both of which are cor- nerstones to the Inspire material handling and automation solution strategy. “We want to thank our customers, suppliers, and em- ployees for working so well together as we all navigated the challenging course that was 2020. Collectively accom- plishing this has positioned us for even greater heights and achievements in 2021, and we look forward to another incredible year.” Call (317) 890-9230. Email tcoats@inspi- VALCO MELTON Cincinnati, Ohio: Dave Swedes reports, “Print quality ex- pectations are increasing globally for corrugated con- camera-based tool for inspecting the entire width of ev- ery corrugated sheet for this purpose. Mounted in either a flexo folder gluer or die cutter, the system images and analyzing every sheet’s quality. From incorrect colors, spots and hickeys to color registration problems, stripes, scratches and smeared, ghosted or missing print, Print Chek is able to compare each sheet to a standard and highlight areas of concern to be removed and inspected. Along with defect detection, PrintChek reads and evalu- ates barcodes for quality and assesses the geometry of the sheet for size, skew and trim. “The principle involves a low-profile camera module housing several cameras installed above (top-print) or be- low (bottom-print) the sheet along with light modules to il- luminate the sheet. Line-scanning cameras take images as the sheet passes and the image is re-assembled in order to evaluate. Minimum defects down to 2.0 mm are visible. Color measurements of a delta-E value of 3 can be re- solved for accurate inspection of ink recipes and matching to desired corporate color standards. If there is no viable pdf standard available to compare to, a sample box can be run as a ‘golden standard.’ verters. Between detecting mixed copy, poorly cut sheets, registration problems and general flexo- or digi- tally-printed blemishes, the pressure to remove print defects from the pro- duction stream is increasing. “The ClearVision division of Val- co Melton developed PrintChek – a Dave Swedes


Sauer provides intelligent solutions for scoring, slitting, slit-scoring, and perforating on corrugators and floor slitters; and glue tab cutting, creasing, slotting, trimming and scrap chopping on presses. New, featured offerings include FRX Adjustable Folding Rail System and G3 Scoring System: the latest proven creasing technology on the market.


Interactive website for Stafford Corrugated Products and Stafford Cutting Dies. Featuring online ordering of replace- ment parts. Also, visitors can automatically calculate sheet size for most die-cut standards.


SUN Automation Group® is a global industry leader provid- ing corrugated box plants with innovative equipment for feeding, printing and converting. The wide range of prod- ucts are proven solutions for increasing production, effi- ciency, and profitability. With 24/7 on-site technical support, SUN Automation is known for its great service and care. THACKER INDUSTRIAL SERVICE COMPANY Specializing in corrugated machinery, TISCO offers quali- ty-made products, support services, and more. TISCO has established a reputation of dependability, not only in the product, but in continued service support. With more than 25 years of experience, TISCO installs equipment and ma- chinery, moves or sets up entire plants, rewires and rebuilds - all over the world. TISCO maintains a full fleet of trucks and equipment to perform to your requirements, anywhere, anytime. VT GROUP www.vtgrouponl VT offers prepress services for the POP display and corru- gated shipping container industry including graphic design, optimized digitally imaged printing plates and innovative pre-mounting solutions. Our large-format digital printing fa- cility (Digital Impact) is a leading short-run manufacturer of distinctive POP displays and signage where litho-like graph- ics are preferred.


March 1, 2021

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