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with his own class work, and is involved in the school’s WEB Crew mentorship program. %BPVTU BHSBEFTUVEFOU JTJOWPMWFE “behind the scenes” a great deal at school, according to staff and other students. Honoured with Bravo Awards for schools in the Clarence-Rockland area were Andy Press of Pope John Paul II Catholic School, )PQF.VJSBOE,BJUMZO1SPWPTUPG4U'SBODJT Xavier Catholic High School in Hammond, and Ethan Sinett-Piche of St. Patrick Catholic School in Rockland. Pres, a grade 6 student, is considered “a fair-minded and reliable friend, who often plays the role of peacemaker amongst his peers”, according to staff and students at Pope John Paul II Catholic School, and is noted for his attentiveness in the classroom and his efforts in school sports. Sinett-Piche, also in grade 6, is involved in various school activities, serves as a “big brother” at times to younger students, and is “quick to share a joke or a greeting whenever you meet him.” .VJS BHSBEFTUVEFOUWFSZJOWPMWFE JOUIF'SFODI*NNFSTJPOQSPHSBNBU4'9  is seen as “a positive role model with her peers” through both her volunteer work at school, and also her efforts to promote inclusiveness at the school, which includes being an active member of the new “Best Buddies” program at the school. Provost, B(SBEFTUVEFOU JTPDDVQJFEXJUIUIF 4'9)PTQJUBMJUZBOE5PVSJTNQSPHSBN PGUFO working “behind the scenes” at various events hosted through the program to ensure success, from start to cleanup, in addition to her work on student council. Also nominated for a Bravo Award this ZFBSXBT4BPJSTF.D/BNBSBPG4U.BSZ Catholic School in Chesterville. Staff and students at the school describe her as someone who “sticks up for those who are being picked on, and she stands up for the underdog when others are not being kind.”

“Thank you for all the big things you do that got noticed,” said John Cameron, CDSBEO director of education during the

.BSDIDFSFNPOZi5IBOLZPVBMTPGPS all the little things you do that may go unnoticed.”

Eight students in Russell County and area were singled out as examples of people whose lives are rich through helping others, without thought for recognition, and who are happy with the lives they lead. Officials for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) and guests gathered in the cafetorium at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary 4DIPPMJO3VTTFMM .BSDI GPSB#SBWP Awards breakfast celebration of the accomplishments of eight students from eight CDSBEO schools in Russell County and BSFB5IFFWFOUXBTQBSUPGUIF th Annual Bravo Awards program, which recognizes students whose lives exemplify the CDSBEO theme Joy Springs from a Loving Heart . “This event is a celebration of our students’ achievements,” said Donnaleen Hawes, CDSBEO superintendent of school effectiveness, “and the lives they lead. These students go to school each day and put forth their best efforts to create a positive environment.” Honoured students selected from CDSBEO schools in Russell Township were 4BNBOUIB(SFFSGSPN.PUIFS5FSFTB$BUIPMJD School and Keaton Kargus and Patrick Daoust from St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. Greer was described as “a passionate member of the Eco Club”, whose wide-ranging activities also include working on Sunshine Club community projects, and pursuing her interest in the world beyond her home village through her Japanese Club studies. Kargus, a grade 8 student, is described as a strong, willing, and competent team player who is “always ready to help others with their school work”, in addition to dealing

En compagnie de la conseillère scolaire Sue Wilson (à gauche) et du directeur de l’éducation John Cameron (à droite), Kaitlyn Provost (au centre), Hope Muir, Andy Press (à gauche) et Ethan Sinett-Piche ont reçu les prix Bravo du Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, le 21 mars, pour leurs efforts afin de créer un environnement positif dans leurs écoles locales. —photo Gregg Chamberlain





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