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Bog Turtle Certified in theTri-state Region

B og Turtles emerge from hibernation with the spring sunshine and the more consistently warm temperatures that we typically experience in late March and early April. Later in spring, Bog Turtles mate on the surface of the wetland in May and early June. That is why a Phase II Bog Turtle Investigation, which involves searching for the turtles, can only be conducted from April 15 through June 15, when the turtles are more likely to be on or near the surface. And since a Phase II Bog Turtle Investigation consists of four (4) individual surveys, of which two (2) must be conducted in May—with strict weather requirements—it is crucial to get your Phase II investigation scheduled and started as early as possible. Luckily, the Bog Turtle’s habitat requirements are specific enough that a property can be surveyed for the presence of potential bog tur- tle habitat with minimal seasonal restrictions. This “Phase I Bog Turtle Investigation,”(designed to identify the presence or absence of suitable Bog Turtle habitat on a site), can be conducted any time of year except when the ground is frozen and/or covered by snow. Both Phase I and Phase II Bog Turtle Investigations must be conducted by a Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor, certified within the state that the property is located. Landmark’s Bog Turtle Surveyor, Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz, is certified to conduct all Bog Turtle Investigations and Monitoring in Delaware, Mary- land, and Pennsylvania. Call Amy today for a FREE CONSULTATION or to get your project on her schedule…keeping yours on schedule!

Let Amy give YOU a hand! This spring, don’t let Wetlands or Bog Turtle habitat delay your project! Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz is an Environmental Scientist with Landmark Science & Engineering—a civil engineering firm providing planning and site design, surveying, GIS, and environmental consulting services. As a Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor certified in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Amy and her team conduct Phase I, II, and III Bog Turtle Investigations, as well as radio telemetry and other Bog Turtle monitoring services throughout the region. For a FREE CONSULTATION, contact

Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz Phone: 302-323-9377 ext. 145 E-mail: AmyN@landmark-se.com www.landmark-se.com • 302.323.9377 • Landmark Science & Engineering

• Land Planning • Phase I ESA • Due Diligence

• Environmental • Wetland / Forest • WetlandMitigation • RTE Habitat Studies • Bog Turtle Surveys

• E.I.A. • Env. Permitting • Agency Processing • Site Remediation • Brownfields

Assisting clients in Delaware•Maryland•Pennsylvania Office locations New Castle, DE • Havre de Grace, MD

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