20B — March 24 - April 13, 2017 — 2017 Walter R. Cohn, Esq. Memorial EXPO — Owners, Developers & Managers — M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal www.marejournal.com 2017 W alter R. C ohn , E sq . M emorial EXPO Resulting in total annual energy costs saving of approximately $825,000 NJ’s Clean Energy Program incentives totaling $8.2m for four energy efficiency projects

RENTON, NJ — The N.J. Board of Public Utilities (Board) gave approvals needed for energy T

tal incentives of $8.2 million, provided through NJ’s Clean Energy Program (CEP), for the four energy efficiency projects are expected to result in total annual energy costs saving of approximately $835,000. The Board approved a Mem- orandum of Understanding (MOU) with the N.J. Depart- ment of the Treasury, Divi- sion of Property Manage- ment and Construction (DPMC) to utilize NJ’s Clean Energy Program (CEP) funds totaling $7.5 million to support the State Facilities Initiative in making the energy effi-

ciency upgrades at the Hughes Justice Complex and the DEP Building. The Board also ap- proved Combined Heat and Power (CHP) & Fuel Cell (FC) Program incentives totaling approximately $735,000 for CHP projects at the Summit Plaza and the East Hanover Middle School. “Through the implementa- tion of the Christie Adminis- tration’s State Energy Master Plan, the Board continues to encourage and offer sig- nificant financial incentives to residents, businesses, local governments and school dis-

tricts to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings,” said Richard Mroz, president, N.J. Board of Public Utilities. “We have put into practice that same effort to conserve energy in State buildings to help control the State’s energy costs. In addition to lowering energy bills, the reduced de- mand for electricity also con- tributes to lower energy costs for all ratepayers and helps to improve our environment.” As part of the MOU with DPMC, the Board agrees to commit $7.5 million of FY17 CEP Budget funds to cover

costs of the Hughes Justice Complex and DEP energy ef- ficiency projects. The Hughes Justice Complex project is estimated to cost $5.7 mil- lion, while the DEP project is estimated to cost $1.8 million. Currently, the Hughes Justice Complex total annual utility expenses are approximately $4,163,000. The estimated total annual savings resulting from the energy efficiency is $496,000; providing a payback period of 11.6 years. The proj- ect includes the replacement of a 30-year-old pneumatic HVAC controls system with a state of the art Direct Digital Control system and other heating/cooling and lighting improvements. DEP Building total annual utility expenses are approxi- mately $992,775. The esti- mated total annual savings resulting from the energy efficiency project is $148,900; providing a payback period of 12 years. The DEP project consists of replacement of building control components and replacement of HVAC air handling units. “The equipment upgrades to these buildings will result in energy, operations and main- tenance cost savings for the State,” said Chris Chianese , director of DPMC. “DPMC plans to install new Building Management Systems (BMS) and controls which will in- crease the buildings’ energy efficiency and optimize build- ing conditions by utilizing new energy efficient technologies.” The Board also approved Summit Plaza’s application requesting $600,000 in CHP incentives for the installation of three 100 kilowatt (kW) natural gas fueled engines to serve two multifamily build- ings, with a total of 400,000 square feet, located at 730 Newark Ave., Jersey City. The CHP system has a capacity of 300 kilowatts and an efficiency of 82.5%. The CHP unit is an- ticipated to generate 1,855,768 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of elec- tricity and is estimated to recover 12,991 MMBtus in waste heat, annually. Waste heat will be utilized for space heating and domestic hot water. The project will have a total cost of $2.014 million and is anticipated to save on average $180,046 in annual energy costs. The Board also gave needed continued on page 22B

conservation projects for the Richard J . Hughe s Justice Com- plex, the De- partment of Environmen- tal Protection (DEP) Build-

Richard Mroz

ing, the East Hanover School District and two multifamily housing buildings at Summit Plaza, in Jersey City. The to-

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