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We have a new vendor that has leased our Convenience Store and is being occupied by A-1 Golf Cars. I know we are happy to have them all here so let’s demonstrate that by giving them our support! Lastly, I would like to thank the Oracle team for continuing their excellent and much valued work as we transition from a print medium to digital only.

Another summer has flown by and for those of us that were here, it proved to be one of the hottest on record with multiple weeks over 115 degrees and one day hitting 126 degrees (that’s 46 degrees and

NOV/DEC 2016

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I look forward to another great season at ORPS!

52 degrees Celsius for our Canadian resi- dents). Despite that, the staff continued working hard to keep the grounds and fa- cilities in top shape. In addition to our normal maintenance and landscaping, there were several reserve projects that were done: the largest being the replacement of two 30+ year old lake liners in the Horseshoe lake as well as the Irrigation Lake on the back nine golf course. Not only were the liners replaced, but some pockets of rocks and some landscaping were added to Horseshoe and the decomposing wooden rail road ties were replaced with boulders at the “Irrigation” lake. I am happy to report that we did not experience any of the problematic issues we faced with the Starter Shack lake last summer and both lakes this summer came in at the contracted price and significantly under what we had budgeted for in our reserves. The rest of the projects were a bit smaller in scale but included: repainting of the exterior of ES, new freezers/refrigerator and a dishwasher for the ES kitchen, two new exercise bikes for the Fitness Center, small remodel of the laundry room, recoating some decks at satellite pools, sealing asphalt cracks throughout the resort, resurfacing of some tennis courts and the addition of seven new pickleball courts. It should be noted that the PB club paid for the conversion to make these seven pickleball courts from our two exist- ing tennis courts over at ES so the monies did not come from the ORPS reserve account. In other aspects of the resort, we have some returning vendors and something new. Papa Dan’s is back for another season, as is Margie’s Espresso Bar and Lupe’s Hair Salon.


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