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Promoting sound economic development policies PEDA fosters the economic health of the Commonwealth

Lower Schuylkill River Master Plan

With its roots in the first wave of industrialization in the U.S. the Lower Schuylkill River (named “Hidden River” by early Dutch settlers) in Philadelphia is among the oldest industrial districts in the country. This 3,700-acre area was once a national cen- ter of petroleum refining and manufacturing – home to in- dustrial giants like Sun Oil and DuPont. But like many older industrial areas, the Lower Schuylkill was hit hard by the relocation of many industrial facilities in the decades fol- lowing the Second World War. Environmental contamination, aging infrastructure, and ac- cess challenges have deterred meaningful redevelopment, resulting in a district marked by extensive vacancy and un- der-utilization. The Lower Schuylkill, how- ever, does have features which make it a strong candidate for redevelopment into a center for 21st Century industrial activ- ity. It is located adjacent to ar- eas which drive Philadelphia’s economy, notably Center City – with nearly 100,000 resi- dents; University City – home to several world-class univer- sities and research centers; Philadelphia International


he Pennsylvania Eco- nomic Development Association (PEDA)

training opportunities. Legislative Voice Through established rela- tionships with the Pennsylva- nia Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), other key state agen- cies, state administration and legislators, PEDAensures that economic development remains at the forefront of Pennsylva- nia’s agenda. An active Advocacy and Leg- islative Committee reviews issues, programs and legisla- tion that are critical to eco- nomic developers in the state. They recommend strategic and policy actions and establish positions which are commu- nicated to legislators and key officials. By staying abreast of new programs and regulations, PEDA can actively influence their final design. PEDA has consulted and provided guidance and advice to key officials when certain economic development legisla- tion is considered. For more information about PEDA, please visit our website at: www.peda.org ■

is the statewide association of local, state, corporate and non- profit economic development professionals. PEDA’s mission is to promote sound economic development policies, provide leading-edge economic development educa- tion and nurture an effective statewide economic develop- ment network to foster the economic health of the Com- monwealth. PEDA’s membership is com- prised of county and regional economic developers, state government economic devel- opment employees, utility and transportation executives, industrial development au- thority directors, operators of industrial and technology in- cubators, chamber of commerce executives, municipal directors of community and economic development, engineering and construction executives, eco- nomic development finance professionals, commercial and industrial developers, and lo- cal, county and state elected officials. PEDA welcomes individual economic development pro- fessionals and organizations, allied professional organiza- tions and public officials as members. Networking PEDA membership provides access to an extensive and varied professional resource and legislative network. The diverse field of economic devel- opment is broadly represented across Pennsylvania. As the primary statewide organization representing eco- nomic development profession- als, PEDA provides limitless opportunities to engage in dialogue that supports local, regional and state economic development initiatives. Ques- tions about any phase of a development project, financing, If you are a business in need of financing to grow in New Jer- sey, a not-for-profit organization seeking capital to expand com- munity services, a municipality looking to attract a major corpo- ration within your boundaries, or a developer requiring funds for a major redevelopment proj- ect, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) is ready to put its resources to

Schuylkill River District

Airport and its 500,000 inbound and outbound flights annually; and the Navy Yard – an emerg- ing commercial and energy research center. The area is industrially-zoned and has par- cels with the scale required by modern industry. Joining these assets, the Lower Schuylkill is surrounded by highways (I-95 and I-76 border it) and is served by both passenger and freight rail. Finally, the area straddles a riverfront that is increasingly being rediscovered as an ame- nity by Philadelphians after being cut off from it for more than a century. Thomas Dalfo is vice pres- ident at PIDC . ■

incentives and permitting are all at your fingertips. PEDAprovides opportunities at our two annual conferences for economic development pro- fessionals and organizations in Pennsylvania to share best practices and experiences that enhance the professional dia- logue. This active engagement ensures that Pennsylvania can continue to aggressively posi- tion itself to retain, grow and attract businesses and jobs to the Commonwealth. Professional Development Economic Development is a broad and diverse field requir- ing many areas of expertise. In addition to our two annual conferences, PEDAcollaborates with the Pennsylvania Eco- nomic Development Institute, its continuing education arm, to offer seminars, workshops and other educational oppor- tunities for economic develop- ment professionals and their partners seeking to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise. By providing educational opportunities at all levels, PEDAsupports those who are new to the profession and those who have been in the field for many years. PEDA also strives to provide educational programs that are relevant to our economic development partners in local government and business and partners with other statewide and national organizations to expand economic development work for you. With our large portfolio of varied programs and services, the EDA can assist you with access to capital, including tax-exempt and taxable bond financing, loans, loan guar- antees, and business and tax incentives. The mission of the EDA is to strengthen New Jersey’s economy by retain- ing and growing businesses. ■

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