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WATCHING MY KIDS FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS In the Milkie family, it’s rare to work for someone else. My dad owned his own roofing and siding business for years, and my brothers ended up eventually taking the reins of that company. Considering I started my own podiatry practice, there must be some kind of entrepreneurial streak in our genetics. Even including members of my extended family, few of us have been interested in the corporate world and serving someone else’s abstract what they’re truly passionate about. Regardless of which way they go, I know that spending time around the clinic, seeing how I run the business and how we connect with our patients, and getting a big-picture view of our basic finance and marketing strategies will be valuable. It’s been awesome to watch them mature and move toward controlling their own destinies. I’m glad to see they’re not the type of people to simply work a desk job because it’s a stable career or to pursue law school without a passion for representing others. They’re really looking for that thing that motivates them beyond simple dollars and cents — something they actually love to do. Someday, I’ll have to shove them out the door and tell them to get a job, but for now, I’m trying to give them guidance and opportunities to succeed. ENTREPRENEURIAL GENES

vision. Instead, most of us have forged our own paths, establishing and running our own operations from the ground up. I’ve been proud to see this tendency in my own two sons as they work to carve out their niche in the business world. Lately, my kids have been providing social media and content marketing work for Milwaukee Foot & Ankle, which has allowed us to engage with our wonderful patients on a deeper level than before. Besides how great it is just having them around, I’ve been impressed to see their talents and drive on full display as they equip the practice with a meaningful and useful service. Right now, being 21 and 24, they’re still determining exactly where they want to go in their careers. Maybe they’ll be a vital part Milwaukee Foot & Ankle’s future or team up to start their own marketing consulting company. It’s a question of finding

Every step of the way, I’m trying to impart to them the most important aspects of running a business. Starting a podiatry practice as a doctor with absolutely no business training was anything but easy, but it certainly forced me to learn on the run. Whatever they decide to do with the rest of their lives, I’m certain my kids will come away with the sense that running a business takes dedication. A mediocre business isn’t just unremarkable to the people it serves, it limits the opportunities of its employees and their families. With a lot time and careful attention, I’m confident my two sons will be running their own business in no time. –Dr. Christopher Milkie

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