SF1000E Operator Manual | 1.2021


Problem: Home does not achieve comfortable temperature.

Possible Causes:


• Improper ductwork connection to existing furnace.

• Refer to information in the manual relating to the proper installation procedures or contact your local heating and cooling contractor. • Refer to information in the manual relating to the proper ducting procedures or consult your local heating and cooling contractor. • Check and replace filte r . Proper filter size is 20” x 20” x 1”. It is strongly recommended to use less-restrictive, low-cost, filters . • Furnace room may be too airtight to supply a sufficient amount of oxygen for combustion. • Consult a professional to determine correct sizing. • Completely avoid using if at all possible. If circumstances necessitate the use of wet or unseasoned wood, then fuel the furnace with smaller loads. This will cause the thermostat to call for heat more often which will initiate the running of the draft blower.

• Improperly sized ducting.

• Excessive dirt accumulation in air filte .

• Fueling furnace with wet or unseasoned wood. • Furnace size is inadequate for your home. • Combustion chamber not receiving an adequate amount of oxygen.

13. Problem: Distribution blower will not turn on.

Possible Causes:


• Operating temperatures not achieved.

• Continue to burn furnace as recommended. Confirm factory settings on fan limit control.

• Defective capacitor.

• Replace capacitor.

• Defective blower.

• Contact your supplier for a replacement.

• Improper wiring.

• Review wiring diagram. If wired correctly, seek professional assistance.

• Defective fan limit control.

• Check the fan limit control by pushing the white button in to the “TEST” position. If the blower turns on, replace the fan limit control.


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