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Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with?

1. Intelligence is fixed at birth. 2. Some people are natural leaders, others aren’t. 3. You can become a world-class expert through enough learning and practice. 4. You can change your thoughts and personality. If you agree with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset. If you agree with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset. In a Fixed mindset , “Success”means living up to what you believe yourself to be or the labels others have put upon you. In a Growth mindset , “Success”means that you learned something — even if the outcome wasn’t perfect. You can make an observation of a situation and then produce a change for a better outcome.

THEWILDWORLD OF MARCH MADNESS A L ook at I conic T ournament M oments

Every spring, millions of Americans fill out March Madness brackets. According to outplacement firmChallenger, Gray & Christmas, about 20 percent of workers will fill out a bracket this year, and the drop in productivity during the first week of the NCAATournament will cost companies roughly $4 billion. Needless to say, March Madness is a nationwide phenomenon. The tournament’s status can be chalked up to the ease of filling out a bracket and good old- fashioned school pride, but March Madness has also become famous for having the highest occurrence of heart-stopping moments of any major American sporting event. Over the years, we’ve seen Cinderella stories, buzzer beaters, and otherworldly performances. Every year, the tournament serves something unexpected and wonderful. It’s those moments that make March Madness what it is. Here are a few of the most memorable. Author Chuck Klosterman described the rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as “a conflict that dwarfs Dante.”While their battle grew to legendary proportions during their respective NBA careers, Bird and Magic first faced off before either entered the NBA. During the 1978-79 season, Larry Bird led the lowly Indiana State Sycamores to an undefeated regular season record. They stormed through the tournament and met Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans in the final. BIRD VS. MAGIC 1 (1979)

Ways to move toward a growth mindset:

• • • • •

Embrace challenges.

Persist in the face of setbacks. See effort as a path to mastery.

Learn from criticism.

Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.

So here’s to learning and being excited about the journey of growth!

Dedicated to your success,


Bird managed a double-double in the game, scoring 19 points and grabbing 13 rebounds, but Magic was the stand-out performer and MVP. He finished with 24 points and a title. Over the

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