www.marej.com M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — Industrial / Distribution Centers — May 29 - June 11, 2020 — 15A I ndustrial R eal E state & D istribution C enters By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group Design Trends for Today’s Interior T he yea r 2020 has blurred the lines of our home and work en-

antimicrobial properties wo- ven into fabrics. Also popular are Voice Controlled devices to avoid the need for touch- ing elevator buttons in your building, the doorknob in your home, the TV remote or light switches. The Home Office is Back. The past few months, we’ve realized the need for privacy in an open floor plan. We’re back to requiring an area of the home where a video-conference can be conducted, or an article can be written. A dedicated office space to help reduce distractions in the home and optimize productivity. This is

a home office design – creating an attractive, minimal space with no clutter. One that is functional, has a comfortable ergonomic chair, includes a high speed network and lots of storage. And don’t forget to add a live plant. The Need for NewSpaces. With an overall increase in online shopping, in addition to the lockdown situation, we’ve experienced the need to accom- modate Package Delivery. An accessible space for delivery and drop-off of items, where they can be stored away to avoid being stolen. As drone deliveries become more preva-

lent, this is also something that needs to be addressed in the design. Just as impor- tant is the need to store bulk good storage, non-perishables and frozen foods into smaller built-ins or pantry spaces in the home. Wine and beer stor - age will become a more com- mon kitchen feature moving forward. Another new space is the Isolation Room. What once was called a bonus room or it could be a guest room, the isolation room allows someone who needs to be quarantined, with a fully functioning en- vironment, while remaining isolated from others.

Social Connectivity. Now more than ever we are im- pacted by lack of social inter- action. Some of my favorite social media stories have been those where people have gone to their balconies, instruments in hand, playing and singing with their neighbors. Not only does this form of social con- nection drive well-being, it is a necessity. A trend toward the addition of front porches and balcony spaces accommodates this experience as well as so- cial distancing. Richard Gacek is the principal designer of Gacek Design Group. 

vironments. How we func- tion at home takes on a new mean- ing and the o p e n f l o o r plan that we have grown to enjoy may

Richard Gacek

not be the most functional in today’s environment. The time spent at home has given us the opportunity to evaluate our current interior spaces and adapt them based on new needs. Here are some thoughts and design trends that are coming to the forefront. Health & Wellness. We’ve talked a lot about the im- portance of health and well- ness to all generations. Living a healthy lifestyle is a key priority, promoting a longer life, productivity, and social engagement. Designers have embraced the concept of Bio- philic Design, (improve the human connection with na- ture), something we all need in order to survive. Research has illustrated the positive re- sults of natural elements into interiors, like natural light and fresh air with larger windows, and better planning for indoor and outdoor living. Beyond natural elements is a focus on Healthy Materials & Devices. Indoor air quality monitor- ing, viral-resistant surfaces, health monitoring systems, and the use of UV lights for disinfecting are becoming more popular. With social distancing and the importance of washing hands, we see products like Self-sanitizing door handles, and Smart toilets. We see Industrial redevelopment . . . erty to suit your needs. Sites with existing infrastructure, where your use is permitted, is a great place to start. continued from page 14A Smaller, last-mile redevelop- ments are much more common these days. They’re not making any more land, so you have to get creative and work with what you have. Remember, each property brings unique opportunities and challenges. That’s where your land plan- ner and civil engineer can help. Greg Newell is president at Nave Newell, Inc. 

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