Ekka Media Kit 2023

Milo Milo is Farmer Rhonda’s best friend and is born to entertain…at least that’s what he believes! He’s handsome, energetic and loves chasing sheep. Milo is also Ekka’s official sheepdog, responsible for Ekka’s sheep, but now all his sheep are enchanted by the magic of the Ekka….who knows where they will end up! Milo needs your help! Strawbaa-ry Strawbaa-ry will sweeten your day! She loves to surprise her friends with the world-famous Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream. Ram-bow

Fairy Fleece A little sticky but always sweet! She loves twirling around and around, sprinkling magical sugar dust wherever she goes. Lamberjack Show-stopping, wood-chopping Lamberjack loves to work hard. He’s always ready to have a big adventure with his friends. Gold-ie Amazingly woolly Gold-ie Sheep has a champion fleece, but she is shy and can be difficult to find. Keep an eye out for Gold-ie as she reaches new heights around the Showgrounds.

Bright, bold and colourful, he loves everyone…and everyone loves him. He is the natural leader of the flock and brings out the best in all his friends. Spaaarkle Fleece Extremely competitive, Spaaarkle Fleece loves a challenge. When she’s not winning blue ribbons, she’s solving puzzles with friends.

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