Ekka Media Kit 2023


Nightly harness racing at the Ekka has been a show staple. The legendary trots featured at the Show until 2002 - they then made a comeback in 2014 and have been tearing around the Main Arena ever since. The Garrards Finale will be held on the last night of show (Sunday 20 August). CHARIOT MOTORBIKE RACING You’ve seen the harness racing, now watch on as the Flair Action Sports Chariot Bikes race around the Main Arena with a different kind of horse power. One person will steer and control two motorcycles from far behind the handlebars, as they compete to be crowned the Chariot King. These custom-made vehicles are powered by two Husqvarna 401 motorcycles each and they look and sound incredible! The first ever competition of motorcycle chariot racing was held in the USA as early as 1922, gaining popularity throughout the 1920s and 1930s and further inspired by the 1925 film Ben-Hur. Cheer on your favourite chariot bike as the fierce racers go head to head. Jack Field This former world number one freestyle trials champion is a serious daredevil. He performed the highest backflip on a motorcycle ever recorded, backflipping 297m in the air without safety barriers on top of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. Jack doubled for Vin Diesel in XXX movie, fought Hugh Jackman on a motorbike in Wolverine and appeared in Mad Max in Namibia. Brad Jenner Brad is an international freestyle trials rider and movie stunt performer. He has travelled throughout Australia showcasing heart pumping live stunt shows and performing for more than a million spectators annually at some of the world’s biggest events. Brad has also been a stunt performer alongside Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth! Whether it's a two wheeled, four wheeled or even six wheeled bike or contraption, Brad will keep you on the edge of your seat. V8 UTE CHALLENGE PRESENTED BY THE TRACKSKILL MOVIE STUNT DRIVERS It’s the age old battle between two Australian icons – Ford and Holden. With plenty of colour, big V8 noise and sideways action, this high adrenaline show is sure to be a huge hit with families. From the days of Peter Brock and Dick Johnson to the present day of the Camaro and Mustangs, Aussies have loved that screaming V8 sound as the drivers race to dominate the podiums. Our two Trackskill drivers won’t hold back, as they fight to uphold the honour of their beloved marque. Gary Baxter Gary is one of Australia’s leading drivers and has been competing in various classes for more than 20 years. He’s a two-time Australian ROH Wheels Commodore Cup Champion, having taken out the series in both 1995 and 1996. Gary stunt drives regularly in movies and television commercials, with his resume including Ricky Stanicky starring Zac Efron, Wolf Creek TV (series 1 and 2) and Storm Boy. Tim Ramages Tim is a professional performance driver and trainer who has worked on movies including Mortal Kombat. He started his career in Gravel Rally (Australian Rally Championship) at a state and national level in the early 1990s, moving onto drifting and competing in the Tarmac Rally. Tim has won many races in the Tarmac Rally and has taken out multiple top five stage times in Gravel Rally.

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