Ekka Media Kit 2023

WHEELS OF STEEL Presenting for the first time in Australian history, not one, not two but three Wheels of Steel performing simultaneously inside the Main Arena. No safety nets, no harnesses - all adrenaline! Weighing 800kg and standing three storeys tall, performers rely solely upon their skills to maintain balance atop the rotating steel pendulums. The Wheel of Steel is considered one of the most dangerous stunts to perform. Ekka guests will be on the edge of their seats as international circus performers run, jump, skip and perform acrobatics on a rotating wheel that is only 60cm wide.

Warren Brophy

Warren is a seventh generation circus artist. He started performing at a young age with his family’s circus, Perry Bros, travelling around Australia. Warren was able to learn many different skills including lasso spinning, tightrope, knife throwing and of course the Wheel of Steel which he fell in love with. Throughout his 20s, Warren has toured this act at major events around Australia and headlined international shows.

Jansen Grant Jansen is seventh generation in the Ashton circus family. He started performing at just four years old and at 13 became the youngest person in the world to perform the Wheel of Steel. Other acts Jansen has performed include the flying trapeze (as both a flyer and a catcher), clowning, acrobatics and working with various animals.

Tim Matousek

Tim has been performing in the circus for the past 15 years. His skills include the Wheel of Steel, Russian swing, aerial straps, Chinese pole and many more. Tim has performed in various touring shows around Australia and Europe. He loves the roar of the crowd and loves to entertain.

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