Ekka Media Kit 2023

FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS WITH THE AIRTIME AVENGERS The Airtime Avengers sent out a galaxy wide call looking for Super MotoX riders to join their ranks, but do the new recruits have what it takes to join this global elite group of superheroes? They must impress the Ekka crowd by jumping higher, further and performing more insane tricks than anyone on earth to be successful! Can this wild pack of two-wheeled titans work as a team to prove they’re truly worthy to become an Airtime Avenger? The riders will launch motorcycles an incredible 15 metres into the air while performing some of the most death defying stunts in the industry! This show is presented by Airtime FMX and features Australia’s premier FMX riders Brad Burch, Kain Saul and Ben Richards. Powered by YAMAHA.

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