Ekka Media Kit 2023

n Rollover quads performed by Jack Field and Brad Jenner with fireworks attached n Motorbikes with rider who hae pyro strapped to their backs n Three tonnes of fireworks Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics Displays Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics, celebrating 101 years of pyrotechnic innovation, are world leaders in pyrotechnics & SFX. They have an international reputation for taking projects into the next league, pushing pyrotechnic boundaries and exceeding audience’s expectations. Christian and Andrew Howard represent the fourth generation of the Howard family who have been honoured to work with the Ekka to provide the pyrotechnics and special effects for EkkaNITES MEET THE STARS UNDER THE STARS Once the night show action has drawn to a close, the audience can meet their favourite stars. The talented performers will make their way around the edge of the Main Arena, chatting to fans, signing autographs and of course posing for selfies!

FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR – 'IMAGINE' From the first beat of music, the audience will be blown away by the EkkaNITES fireworks spectacular. Watch on in awe as the night sky is painted with ever changing sequences of flames and pyrotechnic effects. This year’s show - 'IMAGINE' - features plenty of ‘wow’ moments of unique firing designs, new special effects, lights and performers all perfectly synchronised to the music soundtrack that will have you up on your feet dancing. This must-see arena pyro-musical intensifies to a fantastic finale that will create vivid lifelong Ekka memories for the entire audience. The spectacular display will feature: n 65 x pyrotechnics firing positions n 36 x firejets n 12 x colour LED pyrostrobes n Six human pyro performers n Three Wheels of Steel - strapped with pyro n Electric pyro scooters that will illuminate with glittering sparks as they zoom around the arena in a

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