Ekka Media Kit 2023


The new Ekka Education Stage presented by Podsquad, an initiative of Health & Wellbeing Queensland, will feature many educational presentations for children. From learning about heathy and nutritious food to pollination and gardening, the stage is sure to be popular with families exploring what Queensland’s largest classroom, the Ekka, has to offer. Spuddy and Scoot Spuddy and Scoot is a musical early-learning show encouraging healthy eating and mindful habits. Young audiences are invited into the fantastical imagination of host Jess as she cooks and plays in her sunny Brisbane kitchen with her cheeky puppet friends, Spuddy the sweet potato and Scoot the strawberry. Children will learn about fruits and vegetables and the superpowers within them! Podsquad Live Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s mission is to help Queenslanders improve their health and wellbeing futures, especially kids, which is why they are proudly presenting Podsquad Live. Join the Podsquad mascots to learn about nutrition, how to become more physically active and improve sleep habits in a fun, interactive way. The show is based on Podsquad - a new, free, play-based wellbeing program supporting children and families to build healthy habits together and make learning fun! Ekka Street Science Show supported by Natioanl Science Week The presenters from Street Science will teach children about the amazing science behind agriculture through exciting visual demonstrations. Kids will discover the unexpected potential for produce like seaweed and corn in revolutionising their everyday lives. The fun and interactive demonstrations will have young scientists engaged, before exploring how innovations in agriculture are shaping the future sustainability of our planet in truly incredible ways. Scientists of all ages will walk away with a new fascination for the amazing agricultural industry celebrated at the Ekka. Queensland Beekeepers Association The Queensland Beekeepers’ Association (QBA) will present a fun, interactive show about pollination and how bees support our food security. ‘Bee’ sure to also check out the QBA stand, where you can see live bee presentations as well as candle-rolling, taste Queensland’s extraordinary honey and more. The QBA was first formed at the Ekka in 1886. Flower & Garden Presentation Join the Ekka’s Flower and Garden Committee as they showcase various demonstrations that bring the joy of gardening to life, inspiring others to cultivate their own green spaces and nurture their love for all things botanical. The presentations will include a ‘How To Grow’ series from the Ekka’s student flower and garden competitions, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to gardening enthusiasts of all ages.

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