Ekka Media Kit 2023

MOZZIES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE The QIMR Berghofer ‘mozzies under the microscope’ activation will provide Ekka guests with an opportunity to engage with QIMR Berghofer’s latest mosquito-related research. There will be a range of interactive displays such as state-of-the-art microscopes, real-life mosquito displays and ‘save a pig’ carnival games. See, touch and digitally engage with research that links viruses like Japanese Encephalitis directly to life in Queensland in both local and regional areas.

Other Ag Education Hall activities 9am to 6pm daily SUGARCANE - ONE PLANT, MANY PRODUCTS From the sugar that sweetens your cake to the electricity that powers your home and the fuel that drives your car, sugarcane is a truly remarkable and versatile crop. Children will get up close to real cane, meet some of the pests that can affect the industry and see the different products made from sugarcane including sugar and bioproducts. The kids will then participate in a Paddock to Packet virtual reality experience. AUSTRALIAN GOOD MEAT PADDOCK TO PLATE VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) will take children on an immersive tour of Australian beef and lamb production through their Australian Good Meat Paddock to Plate virtual reality experience. Children, and the wider community, will be educated about the world-leading Australian production systems that stand behind our safe, nutritious and delicious Aussie red meat. Guests will also have a chance to speak with some of MLA’s ambassadors working in the red meat industry. QUEENSLAND FRUIT & VEGETABLE GROWERS Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers are bringing the Year of Horticulture to the Ag Education Hall. Join them as they celebrate all things horticulture and educate consumers, retailers and the next generation of growers. Children will learn where their food comes from and its contribution to health and wellness. They can also meet growers, take part in ‘did you know’ trivia and marvel over the fresh produce - abundant and colourful with an arty twist! GET KIDS COOKING! PRESENTED BY AUSTRALIAN EGGS Kids will be inspired as they learn to make a healthy funny face eggsandwich. In this hands-on cooking class, they’ll roll up their sleeves and don an apron as they measure, grate and chop, before enjoying their creation.


9am – 6pm daily


Little Backyard Farmers presented by Heritage Bank is an interactive educational activity teaching kids about urban farming. There are five hands-on stations where children are taught the importance of future sustainability practices through composting, planting seeds, growing vegetables, and nurturing plants. 1. Chicken Coop - kids will enter a large coop, searching for an egg to add to their basket among the chickens (props) and hay. They’ll learn about life cycles and raising hens. 2. Flowers and Bees - in this colour matching activity, children will weave their way through a giant flower garden to collect pollen. They’ll put their pollen disc into the beehive, before moving to the next station. 3. Planting - children will dig in a garden bed, planting vegetables. 4. Harvesting - children will harvest vegetables to learn about garden care and growth. They’ll find out how long different fruits and vegetables take to grow and will add some lettuce, potatoes, and carrots to their basket. 5. Fruit Orchard - children will water apple and orange trees (props) and pick a fruit for their basket. They’ll also have to identify whether certain fruits and vegetables are in fact a fruit or a vegetable.

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