Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020

What advice would you give an artist that is debating taking the risk to start a business? My most important advice would be to go work for someone else first. The experience you will get is invaluable. You’re going to make mistakes. Make them for the first time on someone else’s clock. There’s no way GL could have opened if Tessa and I hadn’t worked in the business first. If you’ve already worked for someone, and feel ready to make the leap, do it. It’s never going to seem like the perfect time. You can always go back out and get a job if it doesn’t work out. My most important advice would be to go work for someone else first. The experience you will get is invaluable.

Your Instagram says the stones you use are ethically-sourced stones and the metal is 100% recycled. Why is this important to you? We believe this industry has been hiding behind a luxurious front for far too long. We want people to understand that there are a lot of unethical standards that have been practiced for so long, and we do not stand by that. We also want people to know they don’t have to be afraid of fine jewelry and gemstones. More and more companies are practicing safer, healthier, and more sustainable standards across the whole industry, and we love to see it. We are proud to source our materials from people who work together, get paid fairly, and use mining practices that don’t completely ruin their environment. The industry still has a long way to go, but we are proud to be a small company that is taking the right steps towards a more honest, transparent, and safe industry. How do you source these materials? We have established accounts with a handful of vendors that we rely on for sourcing. Our metals come from a US company that is third-party certified to sell 100% recycled materials. Our gemstones come from a few different companies, both big and small, that adhere to international trade practices and maintain ethical standards. We like to keep our supply chain circle pretty tight. When we find a vendor we like, we typically stick with them. Even if that means we might forgo the absolute best price on something. Maintaining relationships is vital in this business.

You work with your wife, who is also a bench jeweler — is your work collaborative or separate? Tessa and I have a collaborative work style. We have very compatible personalities and that translates well into our design and work methods. We do have our own individual tastes and styles, but they often go well with one another.




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