Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020

When creating a new piece of work, what process do you go through (sketches, research, etc.)? My process for creating a new piece is varied and fluid. I am most influenced by things I see while out and about. Most often, these are architectural influences or even the angle of a wall or street light. I also do a lot of designing in my mind while I am cycling. Sometimes, if a piece has a theme or motif (numbers, symbols, etc.), I will dive into some research. Most often, I design based on what I see and feel. I do enjoy sketching out ideas, but oftentimes I just go straight to metal. What are your interests outside of jewelry and engraving? I am an avid cyclist and spend as much time as possible on my bike. I have joined a team and plan to start racing in the spring of 2021. I am massively into music and everything that comes with it, including collecting vinyl, going to live shows, and obsessing over tracks and mixes. I also enjoy traveling with Tessa and our dogs, hiking, camping, shooting photography, and cooking. Does that outside interest inform or influence your creativity in any way? Absolutely! I’m always blown away by the amount of ideas and concepts that flow from my mind and heart while I am on my bike. I always joke that I wish I had someone with a notepad riding next to me so that I could get all the ideas down on paper. I need to try out voice memos or something like that. Music definitely influences my creativity as well. I like to see music, visually. I used to paint to music, letting beats and melodies guide my paintbrush. So I apply the same concept to jewelry design. I currently have a piece in the design phase that is a visual representation of Jody Wisternoff’s entire ‘Nightwhisper ’ album where each track provides an individual design element. What are your goals/dream projects? My goal is to win an AGTA Spectrum Award. I would also like to have a piece on permanent display at the GIA headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.




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