MRN_910020_BlueCool A-Series


Kit for Compact, Slimline and Low Profile Flow Control Valve

Kit Valve Slimline / Low profile A-Series with 90° elbow

Kit Valve Compact A-Series


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Flow control valve for Slimline and Low Profile

Flow control valve for Compact

Features: n The flow control valve acts as a 3/2-way valve allowing the chilled water to bypass the heat exchanger of the A-Series when needed n Easy screw connection to all A-Series units, no soldering needed n Easy electrical connection to A-Series electronics n 90° elbows in the Slimline / Low profile kit enable an extra flat installation n The flow control further increases the comfort on board by: – Directing the chilled water only to those cabins with cooling/heating demand – Prevent inadvertent heating when air handler is switched off – no chimney effect – Prevents condensate build-up and thus mold on heat exchangers of air handlers which are switched off – Continuous blower operation is possible thus reducing noise variations in cabins n Super silent with flexible vibration isolation mounts & larger ducts to reduce noise from air speed n Oversized heat exchanger tested under tropical conditions

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