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The Waiting Game

Why Those in the Wrong Love to Stall Justice

The English writer Walter Savage Landor once said, “Delay in justice is injustice.” Ol’ Walter lived until 1864, so it’s safe to say he never stepped foot in a modern courtroom. If he had, he would

probably have pulled his hair out. Delays, stalling, and similarly petty strategies are all too commonplace in the American justice system. We deal with

insurance companies, opposing lawyers, and those who think the best way to avoid losing a case is to make sure it never ends on a nearly weekly basis.

Let’s take personal injury cases for example. Claims for personal injury or property damage restitution have a three-year statute of limitations. You may not know the window is this short, but insurance companies certainly do. If they think they can string you along for the duration, they will. Believe it or not, there’s nothing stopping them from doing so. In South Carolina, insurance companies have zero obligation to act in a timely fashion. Sounds insane, and it is, but it’s true. Workers’ compensation cases can be even worse because they have two parties capable of stalling. As with personal injury claims, the insurance company involved has every incentive to pump the brakes on settling your case, but you may also encounter employers who don’t act in good faith either. As an aside, I just want to say how much it bothers me that employers act in accordance with their workers’ compensation insurers’ wishes at the expense of their employees. I pay for workers’ compensation insurance myself, and I can tell you that if one of my team members were hurt on the job, I’d be advocating on their behalf to the insurer. After all, that’s what I’m paying them for. However, sad as it is to say, not every business owner shares my view of the workers’ compensation process. Just recently, for example, we helped somebody who’d been injured in a situation that unquestionably fell under the purview of workers’ compensation. It was as cut-and-dry as they come, but that didn’t stop this person’s employer from taking advantage of him.

Not only did this employer not send his injured worker to the doctor but he also asked that the employee use his paid time off hours to recover. So the employee and his wife had to cancel their summer trip, spend all of their hard-earned time off, and still not get paid for the work they missed. What a racket! Odds are the employer was hoping he could delay a workers’ comp claim until the employee was well enough to return to work. The worst part is that many employers get away with using that deceitful strategy. Why do less-than-virtuous employers and bottom-line-minding insurance companies engage in tactics designed to frustrate and infuriate you? The answer isn’t much more complicated than

“because they can.” That’s why it’s so important to hire an attorney who will hold these parties accountable and not let them stall forever. You may not have the time to constantly push your claim forward and represent your interest, but that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Family-Friendly Activities

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to mean heading to the local Irish bar and drinking a large green beverage. If you’re not interested in going out this year and would prefer to do something at home with the family, here are a few ways everyone can celebrate.

IRISH-THEMED FOOD What better way to get festive than by making some St. Patrick’s Day- themed dishes? You can make rainbow cupcakes, green cookies, St. Patrick’s Day popcorn, or — for a more traditional dish — Irish soda bread. You can also cook up an array of greens for dinner on March 17, which could include Brussels sprouts, spinach, cucumbers, green beans, peas, or asparagus. A MISCHIEVOUS LEPRECHAUN To treat your kids to a fun game, leave green footprints around the house and participate in impish tricks! Empty a tissue box, hide the remote, swap out regular light bulbs with green ones, or draw rainbows on the windows. You’re only limited by your imagination. EXPLORING IRISH CULTURE Another way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family is to sit down and read about Irish culture with your kids. Learn where the legend of the leprechaun came from or read other stories from Irish folklore. You can also watch videos of Irish dance performances and encourage the kids to make their own. There’s also fascinating history on St. Patrick and why he became

the patron of the holiday that your family members can research together. If you have Irish roots, tell your kids about your heritage.

WATCH IRISH MOVIES For a relaxing activity, settle down in front of the TV for a movie night filled with films related to Irish culture. Try “The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns,” “Song of the Sea,”“The Luck of the Irish,” or “The Secret of Kells.” MAKE AN IMPACT Teach your kids how to be “greener” this month by doing more for the environment. Discuss ways to save energy and water in the home, and talk about the importance of taking a break from electronics and enjoying the outdoors. This list is not exhaustive by any means, but it’s a good start to get your family to create new ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You might even create family traditions that will last for years to come.

We have a tight-knit team here at Snell Law. Even outside of work, we love to get together to have a little fun and talk about anything besides the law. When there’s a major event for someone on our team, you can bet all of us will be in attendance. Recently, our entire staff made it out for one such event: the wedding of Emily, our legal secretary, and her now-husband, C..J. Emily describes her big day as a mixture of stress and fun. Thankfully, most of the stress came in the hours leading up to the wedding itself.“I have to admit, I was a train wreck beforehand,” Emily reveals. “I was so nervous. Once I got past those butterflies, though, everything went perfectly.” It’s only normal to feel a little anxious before your wedding, and if Emily was nervous, you couldn’t tell from our seats. She looked absolutely radiant as she walked down the aisle. Jim happened to have the best seat in the house, the one right between the bride and groom.“I wanted somebody close to me to officiate the wedding,”

Emily says.“Obviously, Jim was a natural choice.” We guess Emily wanted to ensure her union was legally binding beyond any doubt. Jim was honored to officiate the wedding and be there on Emily’s special day. Emily’s aunt and cousins supplied the cake for the wedding. Their bakery, Parkland Cakes in West Columbia, did an amazing job, producing a cake worthy of the occasion. Emily’s uncle, who she doesn’t get to see often, even made the trip from Texas. But the best moment was saved for last. Just as the night was winding down, C.J. dedicated “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw to Emily, and the newlyweds danced to end the evening.“I had no idea he was going to do that,” Emily says. “It’s something I’ll never forget.” Congratulations C.J. and Emily Giberson! Emily, we’re so lucky to work with you. May the two of you have many years of happiness and laughter to come.

Emily Ties the Knot! A Huge Day for Snell Law

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3 Ways to Honor International Women’s Day

On March 8, people around the world will honor International Women’s Day. Adopted by the United Nations in 1975, the holiday is meant to highlight the immeasurable accomplishments of women throughout history and draw attention to the ongoing struggle for global gender equality. International Women’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. Some nations, like Nepal, give all their citizens the day off. Most countries, however, including the United States, treat it as a normal day, at least officially. Even though we don’t have the day off, there are many ways for everyone to honor International Women’s Day this year. Here are a few of them. TALK ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO INSPIRE YOU From major innovators, like Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, to megalithic literary icons, like Maya Angelou, women throughout history have shaped how we live our lives. Whether you’re inspired by famous historical figures or the women in your own life, take the time to talk about that influence. Which women helped get you where you are today? What female leaders do you look up to? What are some lessons you’ve learned from them?

time to do something about it. Even if you believe your company treats women and men equally, there’s no harm in empowering your colleagues to talk to give their opinions. If you’re an employer, this could mean giving women in your workplace an avenue to discuss issues, air grievances, and make suggestions. If you’re an employee, consider asking for such a forum. In either case, providing both public and anonymous avenues for women to express themselves is a great way for your company to take a step forward in fostering gender equality. JOIN THE CONVERSATION Regardless of your gender, March 8 is the perfect time to tune in to the larger conversation surrounding gender inequality, if you haven’t already. This could mean attending meetings or demonstrations in your town, reading works that capture the female struggle for equality, such as Roxane Gay’s “Difficult Women,” or seeking out blogs and social media accounts from gender equality activists online. International Women’s Day is about appreciating the contributions of women to society and envisioning a more equal world for the future. However you decide to celebrate women this March, keep in mind that no matter who you are or where you come from, we all have the power to change our world for the better.

MAKE ROOM FOR CONVERSATION IN THE WORKPLACE Many of the challenges women face globally happen in the workplace. If you think your company has room for improvement in its treatment of women, now is a great


Everything Popcorn

When you’re in the Mafia, it’s a good idea to have an attorney on your payroll. Which


fictional character served in this role for Don Corleone in “The Godfather”?

3/4 cup popcorn kernels

2 tablespoons flaky sea salt

1 teaspoon black sesame seeds

Send your answers to Caitlyn (

1/3 cup canola oil

2 teaspoons white sesame seeds

4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

1. The first correct answer wins a $15 gift card to Starbucks.

2 teaspoons granulated garlic

2. All other submissions are entered in a drawing to win a second $15 gift card to Starbucks.

2 teaspoons granulated onion


3. The funniest wrong answer will be chosen by Caitlyn and will also win a $15 gift card to Starbucks.

1. In a small skillet over medium heat, toast sesame seeds. Shake skillet often and cook until white seeds are golden and fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and add garlic, onion, and salt. 2. In a large saucepan, combine popcorn kernels and oil. Cook over medium-high heat, covered, until popcorn kernels start to pop. Once popping, continue cooking and shaking the pan intermittently until popping ceases, about 3–5 minutes. 3. Transfer popcorn to a large mixing bowl. Pour in butter and toss to coat. Finally, add seasoning, toss again, and serve.

All entries must be sent to Caitlyn by Friday, March 22, and the winners will be announced in our next edition.

Last month’s winner: Greg Cantrell

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One of the most wonderful aspects of the internet is that it gives us a glimpse into lives and cultures around the globe — and not the tourism-board-approved, heavily sanitized versions, either. You get the real views of regular people. When it comes to content that simultaneously educates people and pokes some innocent fun at Slavic culture, one YouTube channel reigns supreme: Life of Boris. Unlike many other YouTubers who have well-defined niches, it’s hard to describe exactly what the man going by Boris (his real identity is a mystery) covers in his channel. In one video, he’s teaching you how to create hats for your cat. In the next, he’s providing you with Russian recipes. The only constants are that Boris always wears a mask, hat, and sunglasses to obscure his face; and his videos are reliably less than serious in tone.

earnestness ends and the parody begins. For example, Boris speaks with a Slavic accent that is part natural and part caricature. He clearly has reverence for the idiosyncrasies of Slavic life, but he isn’t afraid to poke fun at them. One of his most popular videos,“How to squat like Slav,” is a three-minute explanation of the particulars of squatting like an Eastern European tough guy. It has nearly 7 million views. Of course, as with any online mystery, people have spent untold hours trying to figure out who exactly Boris is. As far as the sleuths can tell, he is a resident of Estonia and was likely born in Russia. Beyond that, everyone is still stumped. Regardless of who the man in the mask actually is, his videos have earned a loyal following around the world. If you want to learn about Slavic culture in a very non-textbook way, we recommend giving Life of a Boris a shot. It’s a strange and wondrous channel you won’t soon forget.

YouTube Channel of the Month Lifeof Boris

As with much of the best humor on the internet, it’s hard to tell where the

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