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One of the most wonderful aspects of the internet is that it gives us a glimpse into lives and cultures around the globe — and not the tourism-board-approved, heavily sanitized versions, either. You get the real views of regular people. When it comes to content that simultaneously educates people and pokes some innocent fun at Slavic culture, one YouTube channel reigns supreme: Life of Boris. Unlike many other YouTubers who have well-defined niches, it’s hard to describe exactly what the man going by Boris (his real identity is a mystery) covers in his channel. In one video, he’s teaching you how to create hats for your cat. In the next, he’s providing you with Russian recipes. The only constants are that Boris always wears a mask, hat, and sunglasses to obscure his face; and his videos are reliably less than serious in tone.

earnestness ends and the parody begins. For example, Boris speaks with a Slavic accent that is part natural and part caricature. He clearly has reverence for the idiosyncrasies of Slavic life, but he isn’t afraid to poke fun at them. One of his most popular videos,“How to squat like Slav,” is a three-minute explanation of the particulars of squatting like an Eastern European tough guy. It has nearly 7 million views. Of course, as with any online mystery, people have spent untold hours trying to figure out who exactly Boris is. As far as the sleuths can tell, he is a resident of Estonia and was likely born in Russia. Beyond that, everyone is still stumped. Regardless of who the man in the mask actually is, his videos have earned a loyal following around the world. If you want to learn about Slavic culture in a very non-textbook way, we recommend giving Life of a Boris a shot. It’s a strange and wondrous channel you won’t soon forget.

YouTube Channel of the Month Lifeof Boris

As with much of the best humor on the internet, it’s hard to tell where the

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