Campbell Wealth Management - March 2022

Vinyl Is Final? It Can Be!

Storage Tips to Keep Your Records Safe

In addition to offering great sound, records provide a cozy aesthetic. Before you throw your records on any old shelf, consider these expert tips for vinyl storage and protection! Cover Up Vinyl is very fragile. To prevent scratches or damage, store your vinyl records in plastic sleeves. Outer sleeves are great options for older record cover art or those that you don’t listen to often. Stay Upright One vinyl record only weighs about 5 ounces, but when stacked on top of each other, that weight adds up to a lot, creating great pressure for records at the bottom of the stack. Instead, store your records upright like library

books or in a cascading pattern. Maintain Temperatures

Keep your home’s humidity low and heat levels below 70 degrees F to protect from warping. Furthermore, a wooden shelf will attract less dust and static electricity. Light can also be damaging to records, so store your vinyl away from windows and UV lamps.

For more recommendations, contact your local record shop!

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