Be active but stay safe!

Because being active feels good! Regularly practising sports, leisure, physical and outdoor activities that are adapted to a person’s ability benefits everyone, regardless of their physical fitness. Physical activity helps young children improve their motor skills and overall development, students improve their attention span and concentration, adults improve their ability to manage stress and increase their energy level, and seniors improve their quality of life and maintain their autonomy.

As part of the progressive return to normal life, the Québec government has authorized Quebecers to gradually resume certain outdoor recreational, sports and leisure activities, provided that physical distancing rules are followed. As of May 20, you will once again be able to partake in a number of your favourite individual activities. For details on all the activities that will be permitted, visit: Qué No matter how active you are, regular physical activity is essential to both your physical and mental health. It has many important and beneficial effects, so all Quebecers should be active, but stay safe!

Be active just for fun! The formula is simple and proven: practising the physical activity of your choice (while respecting the guidelines issued by the public health authorities) is fun, and once you try it, you’ll want to keep doing it. So get active, whether at home or outdoors. You can walk, run, dance, play and pedal away and still respect hygiene and physical distancing measures. Physical activity is possible for everyone. Move a little, move a lot, but get moving! Because being active... feels REALLY good!

Being active enables you to maintain your cardiovascular health and boosts your metabolism in addition to strengthening your immune system. Regular physical activity also enables you to:

• increase your life expectancy • improve your physical fitness

(aerobic fitness, muscle tone, flexibility) • adopt healthy lifestyle habits that will have a positive effect on your quality of life Being active also contributes to better, longer-lasting sleep, especially deep sleep, the most restorative sleep stage. Be active to better manage stress! Practising physical activity means allowing yourself the opportunity to have a healthy mind and body. Being regularly on the move releases hormones that help you manage stress and helps to strengthen your mental health and improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. Breathing fresh air and interacting with nature also help counteract the psychological effects of stress and anxiety, thus supporting good mental health.

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