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Relieve Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing pain.

Lauren Glasgow PTA

Helps With Back Pain


In 2015, Lauren graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a concentration in Allied Health. During her time at SU, she worked as a Physical Therapist Aide at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy for 5 years. While working at ESPT as a

CURL UP Lie on back with one leg straight. The other leg is bent with the foot flat on the ground. Position your hands underneath your lower back. Tuck your chin and lift your shoulder blades off the ground slightly. Return to the start position in a controlled manner.

PT aide, Lauren’s interest was sparked even more in the physical therapy profession. She loved working with the patients and seeing them progress and have a better quality of life after going through physical therapy. So, in 2017, Lauren decided to go back to school. She received her Physical Therapist Assistant Degree from Wor-Wic Community College in 2019. Lauren’s clinic interests are always to work toward helping each individual achieve their functional goals and get them back to living their life to their fullest potential possible. Lauren joined a group called Team 360, which is based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2019. It is a non-profit group that provides motivation and support to people of different abilities, empowering and enabling them to train and participate in mainstream athletic events. She has helped these athlete’s cross the finish line at triathlons, 5k’s, and ten-milers. She has worked her way up from Wingman to Captain and she trains and races in mainstream and multi-sport events with athletes who are differently abled. Lauren and her husband are kept busy taking care of their 2-year-old German Shepherd Mix dog. In their spare time they enjoy spending time with friends and family, beach trips, and jet skiing around Ocean City and the Pocomoke River.

7 Tips On Staying Motivated to Eat Healthy

5. Try new foods. Eating the same meal every night can get old. Look for new healthy recipes online, in cookbooks or magazines so you don’t get bored with eating healthy. 6. Eat something every 2-3 hours. This keeps your metabolism running and also makes sure you don’t overeat after work. 7. Keep nutritious foods on hand and ready to eat. Preparation is the key to eating healthy! Having fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, healthy fats and smart carbs each week is super helpful for staying on track. https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/14-tips-getting-and-staying-motivated-to-eat-healthy/

1. Set small, measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal. 2. Keep a food and exercise journal. This is extremely helpful to track how much you’re eating – sometimes you don’t realize how many small bites here and there add up. You can do a hand-written journal or go digital and log your food/fitness from the computer or your smartphone. 3. Crowd processed junk food out of your diet by adding in nutritious whole foods. 4. Skip the pantry and head to the fridge. No one really keeps a lot of processed foods in their fridge because they’re usually self-stable. When looking for an afternoon snack, stick with something from the fridge (non-fat greek yogurt, fruit, veggies with hummus, edamame, etc.)

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