2024 DallasHR Sales and Advertising Guide

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ABOUT US DallasHR is a professional association for Human Resource Professionals. Founded in 1939, we are the nation’s 3rd largest SHRM Affiliate Chapter and the 1st choice of area HR practitioners. We provide the HR community with the tools, resources, and support they need to excel in their careers and drive success for their organizations.

Members by the Numbers .. . . . . . . ......... 2 Flexible Sponsorships . . . . . . . . . ........... 3 Strategic Sponsorships .. . . . . . . . .......... 4 Online Advertising .. . . . . . . . . . ............ 6 Email Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. 7 Education Events .. . . . . . . . . . . ............. 8 Specialized Education .. . . . . . . . ........... 9 Seminars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................10 Networking Events .. . . . . . . . . . ............ 11 Executives .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............... 12 Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. 13 Contact Us .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............... 14 CONTENTS

From professional development opportunities to networking events, we offer a wide range of programs and services for sponsorships designed to help HR professionals stay up-to- date on the latest HR trends and best practices. The HR marketplace is crowded. Partnering with DallasHR makes it easy and affordable to connect your company’s products and services with decision makers from companies with less than 100 to more than 10,000 employees.

1 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide


The Chapter includes nearly 2,000 engaged chapter members with an overall reach of more than 10,000 other area HR professionals.

Connecting Members:





4% 4%

53% Supervisory

28% Leadership



Specialist Other


4% 4%




Specialist Other

The Chapter offers Education and Networking Events where you live. Find monthly opportuni-ties in Collin, Dallas and Rockwall Counties throughout the year.


27% 20%


53% 15+ years

27% 20% Mid-Career

Entry-Level Less than 3 years


Entry-Level Less than 3 years

15+ years


MEMBER COMPANY SIZE by number of employees


The Chapter website, saw 163K users view 794K pages with an average session duration over 2 minutes.

22% 18%

14% 8%


1,000 - 4,999

100 - 499

1 - 99

1 - 99 5K+

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 2



Spending your marketing dollars with DallasHR makes good sense. Strengthen your brand with twelve-month strategic opportunities or pick individual sponsorships depending on your marketing goals. Check out the the following pages and discover opportunities starting as low as $500

Imagine having access to your future customer base. These sponsors and advertisers have turned imagination into reality partnering with DallasHR. YOUR LOGO SHOULD BE HERE.

3 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide


Take a strategic approach with your marketing dollars. Whether you have a single goal like a new product roll out or a yearlong awareness campaign, these customizable 12-month plans will have a big impact on your bottom line. Choose the level best suited for your marketing goals.





Partner level sponsors receive maximum exposure and customization by selecting six different touch points. This high visibility sponsorship provides great brand exposure and offers an excellent way to engage with our members throughout the year.

Supporter level sponsors receive significant exposure and customization by selecting three different touch points. Customize your coverage and start building brand recognition with our loyal members.





Investor level sponsors receive substantial exposure and customization by selecting four different touch points. Maximize your brand with your custom plan and start connecting with our members.

Contributor level sponsors receive considerable ex- posure and customization by selecting two different touch points. Excellent for a lead generating cam- paign or similar, your message is sure to attract the attention of our members.

2023 Strategic Sponsors

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 4

Customizable 12-Month Marketing Plans





a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

Linked logo on newsletter footer

Linked logo on the dallashr.org home page

Logo recognition on event “walk-in” slides and in the DallasHR training room

Social media welcome when contract begins

Pick Your Touch Points

Pick 6

Pick 4

Pick 3

Pick 2

Guest Blog

Newsletter Advertisement (3 month run)

Member email sent on your behalf

One Round Table discipline for 12 months

One Education Event

Website Advertisement (run of site)

One Networking Event

One Education Event Marketing Table

Door Prize Palooza

5 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide


Website Advertising

Businesses worldwide spend more than 2 billion on digital advertising each year because of the impressive return on investment (ROI) generated by digital ads.


Guest Blogger

Website Sponsor $5,000


Blogging provides a unique way to connect your brand with potential customers. Provide your own content for the DallasHR Chapter Blog. Content is available for 12 months with additional archiving by topic for up to two years; provided the content remains relevant.

Show your support and gain visibility for your brand by placing your ad directly on the DallasHR Website. This exclusive 12- month opportunity includes your advertisement prominently displayed on the dallashr.org home page. With four opportunities to refresh your ad, the website becomes another sales tool to bolster your pipeline. Sponsor designs advertisements to specification.

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 6


Drive sales and reach your target audience. Email advertising creates powerful opportunities to tell brand stories to a targeted audience in a personal way.

Newsletter Advertisement

Sponsored Content Eblast $1,300 MEMBERS/ $1,500 NON MEMBERS

Gain brand recognition by including your ad in The Bulletin . This bi-monthly touch point keeps our members and oth- er HR professional subscribers apprised of chapter events and information. More than 8,800 professionals on average receive the newsletter with average open rates of 24% and growing. 3 MONTHS MEMBERS $1,080 / $1,200 NON MEMBERS 6 MONTHS MEMBERS $1,890 / $2,100 NON MEMBERS 12 MONTHS MEMBERS $3,240 / $3,600 NON MEMBERS

Choose the entire member database or a targeted audience for your custom email. Designed by you and deployed by DallasHR , share the latest product update or conduct a poll for more intelligence from our members, the choice is yours.

Distribution dates are available throughout the year.

7 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide



Education events are located throughout the Metroplex and include lunch with a keynote speaker presentation eligible for recertification credits. We handle the details so you can network pre-event.

January 16 February 15 March 7 April 9 June 19 August 13 September 11 November 12

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Speaker Appreciation Gifts $500 PLUS SPEAKER GIFTS

Marketing Table $300 MEMBERS / $500 NONMEMBERS Promote a new product or bring awareness to an existing service. Purchase a marketing table and connect with attendees pre-event and during networking breaks. Tables are in high traffic registration/networking area(s) throughout the duration of the event.

Speakers typically donate their time to the DallasHR Chapter. Rec- ognize them with a special “speaker-related” giveaway. Your logo appears with the DallasHR logo, gifts are wrapped on your behalf, and you can add a business card or piece of collateral in the package.

Speaker gifts are valued at no less than $40 each, will be chosen by DallasHR and approved by sponsor. Item includes your logo and the DallasHR logo.

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 8


Leadership LINKS

$2,100 LINKS stands for Lead, Inspire, Network, Knowledge and Share. This Leadership professional development program helps HR professionals grow as leaders in their organizations. LINKS was designed by DallasHR and delivered by the industry’s best trainers. Participants delve into several areas of leadership, including leadership qualities, team building, creating a vision, communication skills, time management, and giving/ receiving feedback. This 6-month course meets once a month for two hours and is eligible for 12 hours of credit from both HRCI and SHRM.

Round Table Meetings $2,100

HR professionals who work in specialized HR disciplines attend Round Table meetings to share ideas and learn what others have to say specific to their areas of focus. Each Round Table meets six times a year on a pre-set date.

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Round Table Meeting Topics: • Benefits and Compensation • Employee Engagement • Dive r sity, Equity and Inclusion

Job-Link Meetings

• HR Department of O ne • Organizational Development • Talent Acquisition

$200 PER MEETING Link your brand with Career Success! Job-Link is a free resource for HR professionals at any level in their career and discipline, who are seeking full-time HR employment or who are currently in transition. Meetings feature a variety of topics to help with a job search and offers networking opportunities, job leads, and overall support. Traditionally, more than 25 job seekers attend the events. Your sponsorship includes: One minute podium time; 2 complimentary seats at each sponsored Job-Link meeting web page and on pre and post event emails. and lunch is provided on your behalf. Lunch, coffee and pastries are pro- vided on your behalf.

Your sponsorship includes: One minute podium time; 2 complimentary seats at each sponsored round table; logo and link on sponsored Round Table web page and on pre and post event emails; lunch is provided on your behalf. You are recognized on social media and in at least one issue of The Bulletin (newsletter) as the event sponsor. Your logo and company description appear on dallashr.org under the “Our Partners Directory”.

Click here for all Round Table dates

Click here for all Job Link Meeting dates

9 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide


2024 Diversity Conference March 2 0 $1,500

Reset the Clock January 18 - 19 and August 1-2 $750 MEMBERS / $ ĊĆĀŏ  

The 2nd annual Diversity , Equity and Inclusion Conference is a one day event to keep HR professionals up to speed on the latests in DEI. Professional speakers bring the latest statistics and ideas to the sold out crowd.

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$1 , 3 00 FOR BOTH CLASSES MEMBERS ONLY This fast-paced, highly interactive program provides situation ŏ specif % c advice for handling the significant HR challenges that you experi-ence on the job. Attendees learn how to educate and support your management team through effective and ethical employee relations practices that minimize employer and personal liability.

Trust Habits Training Program April 25 - 26 $ 7 5 0 MEMBERS / $950 NONMEMBERS The program is an adaptation of the multidisciplinary “May Trust Be With You” seminar given by the Innovation Culture Institute, designed specifically for human resources professionals, and discusses the role of the HR manager and the specific predicaments of the role. It is designed for HR professionals who wish to balance being trusted by management with being trusted by employees.

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HR Certification Test Prep March 5 - April 31 and October 22 - December 17 $2,500 MEMBERS / $3,000 NONMEMBERS DallasHR hosts two 9-week test prep courses in the Spring and fall each year. This test prep course helps prepare participants to take the certification exams for both HRCI (PHR or SPHR) and SHRM certifications (SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP). The HR Certification Test Prep Course provides a high-level overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish the goal of certification.

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Ad Hoc Seminars $ 75 0 MEMBERS / $ 9 50 NONMEMBERS

Ad hoc seminars are held throughout the year and cover topics important for HR professionals. In addition to timely topics that arise during the year, these seminars educate attendees on current employee engagement and professional development topics important to advancing the value of HR.

Seminar Dates March 22

May 10 July 12 September 20 December 13

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Click here for sponsorship benefits

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 10


Networking Events $2,500 or in-kind trade

Door Prize Palooza October 3, 2024 $500 ( 5 available)

Held at popular restaurants and venues throughout Dallas and Collin Counties, Networking Events are a fun and casual way to strengthen business connections with area HR professionals. Attendance ranges from 75 to 100 guests depending on the attraction of the venue.

This fun event is one of the largest networking events of the year. HR Professionals learn about DallasHR committees and about the organization at this event. Door Prize Palooza allows five companies to sponsor the event and participate in the door prize drawing. Sponsor provides door prize valued at $100+. The prize cannot be a product or service offered by the company. Virtual HR Coffee Talk SOLD Three (3) consecutive Coffee Talk events. $900 You choose a topic for this popular monthly virtual networking event. Only open to HR practitioners your representatives par- ticipate in virtual meeting rooms and your brand connects with good conversation and peer led solutions.

NETWORKING EVENT DATES January 25 February 15 March 20 July 11 August 22

September 26 November 07 December 12

April 18 May 23

Your sponsorship includes: Two minutes of podium time, ability to distribute collateral on a marketing table. Logo and link included on the event page and on pre and post-event emails. You are recognized on social media and in at least one issue of The Bulletin (newsletter) as the event sponsor. Your logo and company description appear on www.dallashr.org under the “Our Partners Directory”.

August 6 September 18 October 23 November 26

January 10 February 6 March 6 April 17 May 7


11 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide


Executive Breakfast Series $4,000 HR VPs and above meet quarterly for breakfast, education, and t o share challenges and best practices with their peers. This invitation-only event i s l ively and well attended .

Executive Networking Series $3,000 HR VPs and above come together for networking and collaboration in a casual environment. This invitation-only event is scheduled outside o f work hours to accommodate busy schedules.

Breakfast Dates: March 1 June 1 2 November 20

Networking Dates: April 11 August 13

Click here for sponsorship benefits

Click here for sponsorship benefits

Some companies attendees represent

DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide 12


All logos should be sent in the following formats: High resolution JPG and PNG full color and transparent. Send all materials to Florence Epelfeld, Digital Marketing/Business Experience Specialist at florence@dallashr.org




Provide a Subject Line Basic HTML document structure Maximum width is 650 pixels Link tracking is automatic except mailto: links Image URLs require a full path, including “http://” and domain name Final email must be approved by DallasHR.

72 dpi/GIF, JPG, third party tags. File size: 50k max .zip files not accepted

Member Email

Website Advertisement Website Sponsor Only

72 dpi/GIF, JPG, third party tags

300 w x 300 h (pixels)

Website Advertisement Run of Site

210 w x 195 h (pixels). Animation is not allowed

72 dpi/GIF, JPG, third party tags

Newsletter Advertisement

150 w x 250 h (pixels) Animation is allowed

72 dpi/GIF, JPG, third party tags

Lateral view on high gloss paper. Logo in JPG, PNG & transparent background

8” x 10 3/4” Full color logo preferred

Training Room Wall Frame

All blogs must be approved by DallasHR, one guest blog per month. Your blog will include a “Sponsored Blog” digital badge. Sales content is not allowed nor are link outs to suspicious websites.

Guest Blog

No less than 1,000 words or more than 2,000. Ask for Blog posting documentation.

13 DallasHR 2024 Sales and Advertising Guide

DallasHR is the local choice for HR professionals in the Dallas Metroplex. The Chapter provides innovative education, important business exchanges and networking opportunities designed to advance the value of HR. DallasHR is the 3rd largest SHRM Affiliate Chapter in the nation and proudly powers The HRSouthwest Conference; one of the largest human resources events in the country.

Jimmy Taylor Executive Director DallasHR • HRSouthwest Conference 5001 LBJ Freeway, Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75244 CONTACT US

Florence Epelfeld Di rector of Business Development DallasHR • HRSouthwest Conference 5001 LBJ Freeway, Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: 817-845-1414 Email: jimmy @dallashr.org

469-283-6962 f lorence@dallashr.org

DallasHR has the right to deny or cancel a contract which would have a negative impact on the annual goals or services provided by chapter. All organizations should fully disclose their business intent concerning the opportunities within this guide.

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