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My son, Connor, just finished the first grade, and as you might guess, he’s excited for summer vacation. It’s really neat to see him appreciate this time of the year, and I can’t help but think back to my own summer breaks as a child. In an age before computers or the internet, summertime meant endless days spent outside. One of the biggest parts of my childhood, something I remember fondly for being so pure and simple, was playing baseball in the street. We’d use a tennis ball to avoid accidentally breaking anything, and we played for hours. We paused only to scatter when a car turned down the street, and we didn’t call it quits until it became too dark to see the ball anymore. Though the days of playing ball in the street are long behind me, I still enjoy summer for the great possibilities of the season. Unfortunately, for a lot of my patients, summer isn’t a time to travel, garden, or be outside with their families. They’re stuck in a sort of darkness year- round, where pain, nerve problems, and muscle weakness keeps them wondering if they will be able to pick up a cup of coffee in the morning — or if they’ll wake up in so much pain they’ll need to reach for 10 different medications instead. If summertime means activity and new growth, I know many of my patients feel like they live in an eternal winter. I know this had been the case for one of my more recent patients, Jose, who came to us in early February after seeing me on TV. After struggling with pain for some time, Jose first went to the hospital, where they said nothing was wrong with him. However, when he returned home, the pain only got worse. It became so tremendous, he returned to the hospital, at which point they rushed him into emergency surgery. The surgery resulted in additional problems, and Jose’s pain increased to such an extent he was left wheelchair- bound. This kind of story never fails to break my heart. We started on his treatment plan right away, and while I always pray for the best, I don’t always know what to expect. I was surprised when my staff came running up to me in late March to tell me Jose was walking again. We hurried over and found Jose out of his wheelchair and

walking across our office. His wife was almost in tears, seeing him able to walk again, and, honestly, it felt like the first sunrise of summer. After months of pain and struggle, Jose was able to transition into a better place. You could see his outlook on life change in that moment. Summer is a time to be active — to grow and be able to appreciate all the little joys in

“If summertime means activity and new growth, I know many of my patients feel like they live in an eternal winter.”

life. That’s what we’re always aiming to bring to our patients at the office. Being able to bring summer to someone — metaphorically, of course — is always very rewarding. We see so many incredible things in the office, you would think I wouldn’t be surprised anymore, but I will never stop being proud to help my patients enjoy this great time of year again.

– Dr. Bao Tha i

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