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Back to School for the Gilberts

I remember sending both my kids off to their first day of school. They’re going into second and third grade this year, but I can remember both of their first days like it was yesterday. When they got on the bus, I’m not sure who was more excited: my wife and me or my kids. There’s always some preparation in the days leading up to the main event. You have to make sure their backpack and supplies are all squared away, but once they take those first steps on the bus, the excitement turns to nerves. We’re not nervous wrecks by any stretch of the imagination, but like most parents, we hope that our kids will fit in and make friends. As a parent, you want to know that you’ve helped your children develop societal competency. Take lunch for example. We wanted to make sure our kids used their lunch money the right way, but to do that, we had to help them memorize their account number. We spent nights rehearsing it until both parties were confident that when lunchtime came, they could get food.

So we made sure they raised their hands and addressed the teacher in the right way. Proper behavior is just as important to learn as English or math. Luckily for me, my kids love school. My wife is a second-grade teacher, so that helps, but it’s been fascinating to see them latch on to learning regardless of outside stimuli. My daughter won the “Little Teacher Award” for her class this year. School for her isn’t just a daily activity. When she comes home, she plays teacher so she can be just like her mom. My son benefits from having his sister at the school as well because she can

help with any problems he might run into. Not that he needs it. He is the kickball captain of the recess yard, after all. The beginning of the school year is always a little different at our house — not just for our kids, but for my wife too. She’ll usually spend the first couple weeks before school preparing her classroom. She’ll break out her stash of school supplies and organize her classroom so it’s conducive to learning. Until schools starts; however, it’s time to enjoy the remainder of the summer we have left. Our children are in camps of all shapes and sizes this summer. Sports camps. Craft camps. Swimming camps. You name it. If

there’s a camp for it, my kids are at it. When they

aren’t doing that, we’ll go to Hershey Park or find some engaging activities for us to do as a family. I’m sure this year will have the same excitement, but now both my kids are seasoned veterans of their first days. Maybe in the next couple years, that excitement will turn to dread, but for now, we’ll cherish the joy my children have for school.



– Dr. Michael Gilbert, DPT

Fitting in with their peers is half the battle. It’s important that our children use their manners when they’re in the classroom. | 1

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