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July 2019


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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The purpose of this appraisal is to identify the development potential of the site, considering its characteristics and context, and the relevant planning framework. 1.2 This site is a freehold 0.13-acre plot consisting of a single house and a derelict dwelling in need of complete modernisation/rebuilding. 1.3 The site effectively combines two plots of land, which stretch back form Clouds Hill Road to Holmes Hill Road to the north. The land slopes down towards Holmes Hill Road where there is vehicle access to a large domestic garage building and parking area. 1.4 The site is in the development area of Bristol City Council and is not specifically designated/allocated within the Council’s Development Plan. 2. CONSTRAINTS 2.1 The site is in the development area of Bristol City Council and is not designated/allocated within the Council’s Development Plan. 2.2 The site is not in a Conservation Area, does not contain nationally listed or locally listed buildings. 2.3 There are trees present on and adjacent to the site, but no Tree Preservation Orders effect the site at the time of preparing this report. 2.4 Bristol City Council Planning Policy DM21: allows for the development of private gardens where development would contribute to sustainable forms of development. Development involving the loss of gardens will be permitted where is does not impact on the character of an area, and one of the following: • The proposal would represent a more efficient use of land at a location where higher densities are appropriate; or

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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

• The development would result in a significant improvement to the urban design of an area; or • The proposal is an extension to an existing single dwelling and would retain an adequate area of functional garden. In all cases, any development of garden land should not result in harm to the character and appearance of an area. 2.5 In this location, higher densities would be acceptable and the proposal will improve the character and appearance of the area. 3. OPPORTUNITIES  The site is in an urban location which is suitable for residential redevelopment. The lack of any designations on the site as well as the fact that there is an existing residential use makes it a good site for redevelopment.  There is excellent potential to improve the appearance of this site, which would be significantly beneficial to the surrounding area and is likely to be supported by the Council.  The style of the house to the front of the site would need to be consistent with the adjacent terrace, however there would be more flexibility with the rear of the site as there are a variety of housing styles in the area.  The site is a good size with scope for a new building at the front which could be converted with the existing house up to potentially 4 or 5 flats, subject to the relevant space standards being met, cycle parking and refuse storage.  The large garden area to the rear of the property with access to Holmes Hill Road provides an opportunity for additional houses to be constructed, making a much more efficient use of the site. There is potential for at least two dwellings on the site. These would both have reasonable sized gardens and space for parking or garages.

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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

 The design would need to ensure that adjacent gardens were not overlooked. With careful consideration, the existing trees in neighbouring land could be used as effective screening.  There could also be potential for further development subject to negotiations with adjacent landowners, to free up some additional space.  The proximity of the site to bus stops, local amenities including shops, schools and St Georges Park make it a very sustainable location which means that future residents of the properties would not need to rely on the use of a car and would be considered sustainable by the Council. 4. DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL  As one of the dwellings on the Clouds Hill Road frontage is completely derelict this would need to be rebuilt. A planning permission would be required for this work, however the principle of a dwelling in this location is clearly established.  There would be scope for a larger building to be constructed on the plot. The adjacent building to the west is particularly deep with no windows so this provides scope for an apartment scheme development of 4-6 apartments. However, this would need to be carefully considered in conjunction with developing the rear of the site.  There would also be potential to extend to the rear of the more complete property. Consideration would need to be given to ensure that there was no substantial over- shadowing of the property to the east. Windows would also need to be primarily restricted to the rear elevations. A NEW DWELLING


 The Nationally Described Space Standards are used by the Council to guide assessment, but local requirements usually set a 39 sq.mminimum for new dwellings.

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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

 Subject to meeting this space standard and designing a suitable layout; the reconstructed dwelling to the front and/or the refurbished/rebuilt/extended existing dwelling could be arranged as flats, generally two per dwelling.  The properties are ‘back-of-pavement’ therefore, consideration will need to be given to refuse/recycling storage. Similarly, cycle parking (at a ratio of one space per bedroom) will need to be provided to satisfy Council requirements.  As stated above the main Council planning consideration is policy DM21, which relates to the development of private gardens. This policy can be satisfied with a well-designed scheme to redevelop the rear of the site, fronting Holmes Hill Road, for additional dwellings.  The main influence for development to the rear (north) of the site are (i) trees, (ii) site level/topography, and (ii) the building line created by the existing terrace along Holmes Hill Road, to the east. (i) There are trees on the site and within adjacent land. They are not protected but are a consideration for any redevelopment on the site. Usually a tree survey will be necessary prior to their removal (in relation to redevelopment). Bristol City Council operate a tree replacement policy and the survey will determine the necessary number of replacements/financial contribution towards off-site planting. (ii) The site slopes from Clouds Hill Road down to Holmes Hill Road. In order to sit comfortably within the Holmes Hill Road streetscene development will need to be set close to the level of the road; therefore, some cut into the site will be necessary. This provides the opportunity to have an additional lower level at the front of the infill development, potentially resulting in split-level properties, with access to their rear gardens via the first floor. The change in levels also helps ensure acceptable amenity relationships with properties on Clouds Hill Road, who would be set at higher levels. REDEVELOPMENT FOR AT LEAST TWO ADDITIONAL HOUSES

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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

(iii) To the east, a terrace of gable-fronted properties provides the immediate context to which any development will be seen against. This terrace is effectively three-storeys, with the lower-level at the front being set below the road (lightwells). The terrace also creates a building line, which the frontage of any infill development on the site should seek to respect by not sitting significantly forward of. This has the benefit for creating front yards that act as defensible space, off the pavement and provides an area for bin storage and possible cycle parking (lockers).  Other considerations for infill development would be the general form the buildings would take. Given the neighbouring terrace and predominance of pitched roofs in the area; a standard pitched roof development is likely to be favoured by the Council. A gable roof provides the most internal roof space for additional rooms.  The overall design of the dwellings can vary given the range of appearances in the area, so should not be seen as a constraint. Furthermore, the Holmes Hill Road frontage currently hosts a stone wall, which would need to be penetrated/lowered in places, but if retained/rebuilt (stone re-used), would be positive addition to any application and should be seen as a planning benefit to the Council.  The Council may not require off-street parking to be provided for the development at the rear, however, there would be space for on-plot parking. This would benefit any application as it would add value to the development and minimise the amount of local objection, which is likely to surround parking pressures (a common theme for any residential planning application).  Bristol City Council does not have a minimum standard size for gardens but will be guided by the level of accommodation proposed i.e. three-bedroom units are likely to be suitable for families who will require larger gardens. The site has the ability to accommodate good sized gardens to the rear of the infill development (and the rear of Clouds Hill Road). These gardens will also help provide a buffer space between the buildings and around any neighbouring trees that remain.

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99-101 Clouds Hill Road Bristol PLANNING APPRAISAL

 We consider a scheme of 2 houses to be comfortable accommodated with potential for more subject to a creative design solution.

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