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The back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. You rely on it so heavily — whether it is to shoulder your emotional stresses or to physically lift something that you need to carry with you. Your back is constantly at risk. It is at risk when you drive, being one of the body parts likely to take the biggest impact in case of an accident. It is at risk when you are safely at home on your couch or at the office, where you are likely scrunched over and not caring one bit about your posture. It is at risk when you run, when you play sports, and even when you find yourself sick and are coughing so heavily that your back begins to hurt. It is no wonder that so many people experience back injuries every year. What is a big wonder is that so many people choose to ignore their back injuries year after year! When you break an arm or get a cut on your leg, you are likely to do something about it right away. The sight of blood leaving your body or the realization that a bone isn’t sitting right is something that not many people are going to deal with for too long before seeking medical attention. Yet when pain begins in the

back, it is almost normal to ignore it. Everyone develops back pain, time to time, right?There isnoreason tostressabout itoroverreact,right?Absolutelywrong! UNDERSTANDING BACK PAIN Back pain may be common, but it is absolutely not normal. There are actually a lot of serious conditions that can cause your back to begin to hurt, and it is smart to have your back looked at by a physician early on so that you know exactly what is going on with your body from the get-go. Once the cause of your back pain is determined, your physiotherapist will be able to identify the best treatment options for your body’s needs. This will likely include the following: • Targeted exercises that are specialized to the region of the back that is experiencing the most pain. These exercises are designed to help build strength and support the surrounding muscles.

• Guided stretching designed to improve range of motion and flexibility.



Perform This Exercise To Relieve Back Pain In Minutes!

1. Call and consult with a physiotherapist at one of our locations to discuss your pain and symptoms.

2. Your physiotherapist may suggest exercises or precautionary measures to relieve or avoid pain. 3. If further assessment is needed to find the cause of your paint, your therapist can schedule an appointment with you.

SIDELYING TRUNK ROTATION While lying on your side with your arms out-stretched in front of your body, slowly twist your upper body to the side and rotate your spine. Your arms and head should also be rotating along with the spine as shown. Follow your hand with your eyes. Hold for 20 seconds repeat 3 times on each side.

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• Slipped vertebrae or disc • Tear or hyperextension to the supporting muscles or tendons • Arthritis These concerns can develop as a result of a myriad of environmental issues, such as having poor posture, prolonged sedentary activity, car crash, sporting accident, stress, heavy lifting, and so on. WHEN IT COMES TO BACK PAIN, DON’T WAIT! When you experience an injury to your back, or realize that you are experiencing regular pain as a result of an ongoing injury or overuse, it is important to find out the cause of your back pain as quickly as possible. Back pain can quickly become chronic, as a potentially small issue can become complicated when it is not addressed early on. Working with a physiotherapist can help you to identify the difference between environmental causes and something more medically based. To get started with putting an end to your back pain, contact us

This will take into account the health and vivacity of vertebrae and any potential stretches that may support optimal back health. • Supportandguidancewithanexerciseroutineandhabitformation,especially with cardiovascular activity that can stimulate improved blood circulation to the affected areas of the back, as well as strength-building activities. Attempting to undertake any of these changes on your own after you’ve experienced a back injury is both dangerous and not recommended. Working with a licensed and experienced physiotherapist can provide you with the guidance and ongoing support that you need to ensure that you do not experienceany further injuryasyouattempt toheal thecauseofyourbackpain. There are a lot of different reasons as to why you may be experiencing back pain, and ignoring any of them is not a good idea. Some of the most common issues that cause back pain to linger include:

• Muscle sprain or strain


INGREDIENTS • 2 large beets • 4 long carrots • 2 apples INGREDIENTS • Immunity

MICHAEL J. COOK Registered Massage Therapist

• 6 celery stalks • 2 limes or lemons • 2 inches of Ginger

Michael combines the best aspects of Massage, Acupuncture and Athletic Therapy to provide a safe but aggressive and effective, individualized rehabilitation programs ensuring the patient reaches their optimal goals quickly and economically.

• Kidneys • Pancreas • Digestive Tract

• Eyes • Liver • Spleen

DIRECTIONS Prepare beets, carrots, apples, celery, limes (or lemons) and ginger by chopping into smallerpiecesbeforeplacing intoa juicer.As theskinofabeet ispackedwithantioxidants and nutrients, it is recommended to leave the skin on the beet. Do not peel the ginger, which you will add to taste as ginger can be spicy. After all ingredients are added to the juicer, blend until juiced and smooth. Drink juice as soon as possible to obtain all benefitsof theantioxidantsandnutrients.Drinkoneglasseveryotherdayorasneeded.

Classes include: TOTALBODY,METABOLICCONDITIONING,UPPERBODY&CORE, GLUTES&ABS. Topurchase this item,please take thiscard to thecashregisterandexchange for the quantity you wish to purchase.


CONCUSSION REHAB & PHYSIOTHERAPY A big misconception is that a concussion only occurs as a result of a direct blow to the head. Something like a car crash or a football tackle. With that perception, if an athlete gets a few seemingly minor hits in a soccer game or a basketball game, they don’t think they have a chance at suffering a concussion so they don’t report it. Instead, they keep playing which can be very dangerous. A concussion may be caused by a direct blow to the head, face, neck, or elsewhere on the body if the force of the impact is transmitted to the head. It’s important for athletes, parents and coaches to understand that multiple small impacts can cause one to occur. These smaller impacts can still cause symptoms like headaches, trouble concentrating, and behavioral changes. When athletes and parents understand that a concussion can begin from multiple smaller impacts, they start taking note of those during games and practices which helps with early recognition. WHY IS CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT IMPORTANT? Education of understanding concussions is important. We educate patients and give them the tools they need to recognize when a concussion occurs so they are not putting themselves in potential danger for further injury by continuing to play. A concussion is a bruise on your brain. It affects a person’s performance in any environment. Our program addresses both these areas and monitors the patient’s symptoms so that they are not returning to either before their brain can handle it. HOW CAN A PHYSIOTHERAPIST HELP? Physiotherapists can evaluate and treat many problems related to concussion. Because no 2 concussions are the same, a physiotherapist will examine your neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular systems in order to best prescribe a routine to address your particular symptoms and your needs in all of your daily environments. WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTION ABOUT CONCUSSIONS?

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