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Erin E. Mendelson

EDUCATION • M.A. in Communication and Leadership Studies Gonzaga University • Certification in SPED-Mild/Moderate K-12 Chaminade University • B.A. in Religion Columbia University ENROLLED • Cohort 5 LOCATION • Wahiawa, Hawaii

Throughout her career, Erin E. Mendelson has strived to implement creative and research based instructional strategies to address the diverse learning needs in Hawai’i K-12 public school settings. As a dedicated educator, Erin designs learning opportunities with a shift from remediation to specialized interventions. She is focused on a whole child approach to build curiosity and well-being so that students can cultivate their potential and talent. Erin believes that generating greater equity in schools and classrooms will lead to a more just society in general. She is a certified Step by Step for Inclusive Schools trainer with Stetson and Associates and has worked closely with school teams to improve instructional quality for all learners. Erin has met the rigorous standards to become a National Board Certified Teacher and Exceptional Needs Specialist. Erin was drawn to the interdisciplinarity of UWSP Educational Sustainability program in which she can expand and build a deeper knowledge base in a variety of areas related to sustainability. Her research interests include examining how vocabulary and reading comprehension correlate to opportunity and socioeconomic status. In addition, she is interested in exploring how ecological literacy connects to action and improved self-conceptualization in students. She looks forward to the possibilities and learning adventures ahead. Erin is fortunate to reside on the island of O’ahu where the cool Pacific Ocean provides food, recreation and peace of mind. She is kama’āinaor a resident of the Hawaiian islands and relishes in its treasures--especially surfing.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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