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Pauline E. Olsen

EDUCATION • Master’s in Education in Learning Tech and Media University of Minnesota • M.A. in History UW-Eau Claire • B.A. in Latin American Studies and Spanish Flagler College ENROLLED • Cohort 5 LOCATION • Ontario, Wis.

Pauline E. Olsen believes all humans and animals are global citizens with responsibilities to each other, one’s family and culture (or cultures), to the community, and to the survivorship and sustainability of the globe. Her deepest desire would to be an agent of change in the development of just and equitable educational approaches to transfer ancient engineering water practices to water and food-poor cultures of today. Pauline believes that each of us has untapped potential, and that compassion and empathy can be learned. She has a ‘recently discovered’ limited patience for political stupidity. The eldest of six, Pauline grew up in Lima, Peru, four states of the Midwest, Florida and Mexico and considers herself a ‘Third-Culture Child’ who grew into a ‘Third-Culture Adult’. She taught high school Spanish and history for seven years in the inner cities of Milwaukee and Kansas City. She taught intermediate and advanced Spanish as an Adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and University of Wisconsin-Stout, as well as English at the University of Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico. She spent seven years teaching and learning in Asia in Okinawa and Guam, for the Department of Defense Education Activities and the last two years, living, learning, and teaching middle school history, Humanities and Spanish for the DOD in Germany. Pauline will work to make education a conduit for sustainable practices for lives across systems and cultures. She believes equitable access to education for all girls and women could ultimately move the planet’s economic systems away from capitalism and engage all members of the global community in sustainable, just, equitable, ecological, educational, and economic practices that solve the problems of today, for tomorrow’s children. Pauline’s first passion is reading. She loves museums...and sports of many kinds and has been a high school and middle school girls’ soccer coach, a middle school boys’ basketball coach (with her son, Noah) and a soccer, cross country, and basketball mom to her three sons. She can be found practicing yoga, lifting weights, or hiking with her funny puggle, Phoebe or being a ‘cat mom’ to her Okinawan rescue kitty, Aliyah-Minerva. Her best and favorite job, however, is mom and travel companion to her four amazing human children, Ari, Addison, Noah, and shopping partner, daughter Charlotte. They, by birth, have a foot in at least two cultures: Mexico and the United States, and have had many traveling adventures in other cultures. They continue to inspire her, teach her, and keep her on her toes.

UW-Stevens Point


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