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Cohort 5

Abby Pfisterer

EDUCATION • Master of Business Adminstration University of Massachusetts • B.A. in History and Political Science Colorado State University

ENROLLED • Cohort 5

LOCATION • Alexandria. Va.

Abby Pfisterer is a museum and civic educator. Her understanding of sustainability is firmly rooted in the examination of how the choices and actions of those who have come before us shape the world we have inherited today and the ideas we hold of what the future could be. For over a decade Abby has developed and led museum education programs, focused on creating educational experiences for young people that use history to foster civic competencies and democratic engagement. Prior to her doctoral career, Abby has worked in museum education with a focus on the intersection between history and civics. Her time as a pre-service teacher and as an educator in historic sites and national museums has shaped her belief that sustainability means continually pursuing democracy characterized by robust and informed participation by an activated citizenry that has equitable access to power regardless of race, class, gender, or ethnicity. Abby was drawn to the Education Sustainability program for its focus on sustainability through the lens of justice, equity, and ecological thinking. As a doctoral student in the program, Abby plans to examine how the pedagogical missions of museums can be re-envisioned to support the civic development of young learners as they participate in civic life and engage as agents of a sustainable future.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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