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Cohort 6

Ashley Ace

EDUCATION • M.S. in Education Viterbo University • B.S. in Elementary Education UW-Platteville

ENROLLED • Cohort 6

LOCATION • Verona, Wis.

Ashley Ace has spent 14 years in public education throughout a variety of early childhood and elementary education settings in Southern Wisconsin. I believe with my whole being that a school is at its best when all voices are heard and when different cultures and experiences come together to meet the needs of all students. I have immersed myself in opportunities to learn more about equitable practices and what it means to be an anti-racist educator. I have participated in multiple Equity Institutes with Middleton Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD), helping to facilitate one of the institutes; Building Culturally Responsive Systems with the RTI Center;Responsive Classroom Training in Chicago; Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity Part1 & 2 with UW- Madison; and The History and Structure of the Hidden Curriculum: A Deep Examination of the Binary Code (Black and White) with MCPASD. Institutional racism has had a large impact on K-12 education. We see the systems and the top-down effect on our students and staff everyday. Our discipline and behavioral systems in K-12education affect our black and brown students much more than they affect our white students. The way we teach and expect our children to “sit and get” for hours at a time is a historical Eurocentric way of teaching. I think that educators need to be open to thinking outside of the box and changing the ways we have always taught. We need to take our cues from our students,their interests, and their ways of thinking to help support them in taking ownership of their own learning.

UW-Stevens Point


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