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America’s Spookiest Locations

the added fear factor of it being the spiritual home of a local legend: The Jersey Devil.

Halloween is, without question, America’s spookiest holiday. Traveling haunted house experiences crop up all over the country beginning in October, but they can’t hold a candle to locations that have long been believed to be home to paranormal inhabitants. If you’re feeling extra brave this month, check out these “haunted” locations.

The myth states that the Jersey Devil was born in 1735 and quickly grew horns, wings, and hooves. It has been spotted in the forest ever since, even lending its name to the state’s professional hockey team. Campers in the Pine Barrens claim to hear a ghastly presence, and some even observe mysterious drifts across the cedar swamps.

Winchester Mystery House San Jose, California

A medium from Boston told Sarah Winchester that her family was haunted by every person ever killed by a Winchester rifle. Given that her husband and infant daughter had recently passed away, she took his words to heart. To build a home for the spirits, she began construction on what is now known as the Winchester Mystery House. She continued building the house for her entire life, 24 hours a day for 38 years. The home features many design choices that lend themselves to a spectral presence. There is a seance room, doors that open to brick walls, staircases that lead directly into the ceiling, and acoustics that channel sound into secret listening places. During the Halloween season, the house offers candlelit tours that are sure to send shivers up your spine.

Stanley Hotel Estes Park, Colorado

When Stephen King checked into the Stanley Hotel on vacation with his wife, he wasn’t looking for inspiration, but he found it. Their stay in the hotel inspired “The Shining.” The book, along with Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation, quickly turned the Stanley into a destination for thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators. The hotel has played into its newfound reputation, offering ghost tours late at night. Recently, the proprietors even created a hedge maze to allow visitors to recreate the harrowing chase scene from the movie. At last check, there were no Jack Nicholson impersonators on-site, but who knows what the future holds?

Pine Barrens New Jersey

Dave Laverdiere

A heavily forested area dotted with ghost towns and abandoned mills is going to be creepy as a matter of course. New Jersey’s Pine Barrens has all of this, plus |


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