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What Makes Someone Lucky? A QUESTION OF LUCK

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

I suppose a better first question would be, “Do you believe in luck?” Many people don’t, and they won’t hesitate to reject any sort of superstitious behaviors. Personally, I do believe in luck, but I don’t believe luck comes out of thin air. It’s possible to create

our own good fortune, provided you believe good things will come to fruition. If a person always talks about how unlucky they are, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Life is a balance of good and bad occurrences, but unlucky people tend to focus only on the negative. In a way, this invites more misfortune. An unlucky person dwells on mistakes and


gather the tools and resources we need for success. It’s easy to miss out on luck if we haven’t gotten ready for it when it comes knocking. A positive mindset and strong drive can help you be on the lookout for moments of luck, recognize them when they come around, and be prepared so your lucky break doesn’t pass you by. The last question we have to ask about luck is, “How do we know if we have it?” We measure luck based on how much good fortune a person enjoys in their life, but fortunate means different things to different people. It can range from hitting every green light to winning the lottery to landing your dream job to a loving family. The lucky moments in life are the people and circumstances that grant us joy. This brings us back to the first question: Do you consider yourself to be lucky? Personally, I do consider myself lucky. And I’m reminded of how fortunate I am every time I see my two loving, affectionate, caring, ambitious, and smart children. My life is full of love and goodwill. How could I not call myself lucky? Dr. Michael Graffeo Westchester Office • 914-251-0313

avoids opportunities where they can find good luck. Meanwhile, lucky people tend to focus on the positives and believe they can achieve success and happiness. They actively pursue opportunities that create good fortune. That last part is important to remember. We cannot rely solely on luck. A positive attitude and a belief that good things will come your way will get you nowhere if you don’t seize opportunities. You won’t hear a lucky person say, “I’m waiting for my ship to come in.” A lucky person does the hard work and builds their own ship. You have to be proactive and ready to make decisions regarding your future. Persistence and having a drive to succeed will play a major part in your life’s path.

Seeking out success allows us to be prepared when lucky opportunities present themselves. We educate ourselves and



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