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With Father’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure many of you are making plans to spend time with your families. As busy as life gets between the clinic and my kids, I’ll make the time to get out on the golf course with my old man. After all, he made time for me throughout my life. As a small-business owner, my dad was never a stranger to hard work. From the time he was young, he helped my grandfather at his jewelry store in Harvard, Illinois, and was eventually passed the reins. In fact, if you swing into Ulmer Jewelers today, you’ll still find him running the place! When I was a kid, I always looked forward to visiting my dad at that store. I remember running up and down the aisles and chattering to my dad and grandfather as they polished watches and cleaned display cases. It’s incredible that such a memorable part of my childhood is still in the family. He worked full days Monday through Saturday but always

“FATHERHOOD ISN’T ALWAYS EASY. THANKFULLY, I LEARNED FROM THE BEST.” made sure to make it home for dinner. The only exception was the Christmas rush, which sometimes kept him working until 2 a.m. It became a de facto family tradition for my dad to fall asleep in his armchair during family gatherings over the holidays. Despite the many demands of his job, he always made time for his kids. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing catch with my dad in the yard. He instilled my love of all things baseball, especially the Cubs. He took things a step further, becoming the coach of my Little League team and donating his time to teach my friends and me the ins and outs of the sport. Today, my dad has become an avid golfer. In fact, indirectly, he got me into playing. Now we

try to make it out to one course or another on the off chance we both have a free day. The great thing about golf is that generations can go out and play together. I’ve enrolled my kids in junior golf programs, and soon enough they’ll be teeing off with me and their granddad. My dad’s an all-around great guy. He was always big on tough love, so he probably won’t appreciate it if I get too sentimental here. But I do owe him for teaching me the value of always being there for your family, no matter how busy life gets. Whether or not we make it out on the fairway this Father’s Day, it’s sure to be a blast. To the many dads, granddads, and great- granddads we’ve treated over the years, congratulations and well-done! I know from first-hand experience that fatherhood isn’t always easy. Thankfully, I learned from the best. –Mike Ulmer | 1

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