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When we wake in pain, with an arm asleep, or have a “crick” in the neck, you must consider your sleep posture to be a potential contributing factor. We must premise this topic by mentioning that many variables go into what is the best sleep position for you, so some positions may work better for some depending on their circumstances. Sleep is extremely important for our body’s health and recovery. Since it is not something often discussed, we would like to provide some recommendations to help you keep your body

better aligned at night, improve your breathing, and reduce the stresses on the joints.

position we all once performed in the womb. Being in a flexed position allows your spine to rest in a decompressed state and prevents snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea. This is also the best position to choose if you are pregnant, specifically the left side, because it will keep your uterus from pressing on your liver and will facilitate circulation to your fetus. To prevent this position from restricting your breathing or aggravating arthritis, do not curl up into a tight ball but rather stretch out some.

Some sleep positions are better for certain conditions, so you should consider whether you snore, have shortness of breath, sleep apnea, neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain when choosing your sleep position. Side sleeping (Best way) 41% of the population choose to sleep in the fetal position on the side. The fetal position is a very healthy option that corresponds to the

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