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Mary Lou Thorsen Physical Therapist

Mary Lou graduated magna cum laude from California State University Long Beach in 1989. She has 27 years of orthopedic outpatient experience and feels privileged to be a part of the awesome work we are doing here at Austin Physical Therapy. We at Austin are thankful to Jay Austin for leading the path to actively utilize “Postural Restoration” methodology in the assessment and treatment

“My pain is gone and my back feels better than ever.” “I’ve had lower back pain for years and been to many other PT clinics around the Huntsville area. Austin PT was the only clinic that actually took the time to see why the pain kept coming back. My pain is gone and my back feels better than ever. Great clinic with great therapist. If you’re looking for actual results then you need to go to Austin PT!!” Relieve Neck Tension Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain. Stretches Neck LEVATOR SCAPULAE STRETCH Grasp your arm on the affected side and tilt your head down- ward into the armpit. Use your opposite hand to guide your head further into the stretch.

of all our clientele. Mary Lou actively utilizes “Postural Restoration” methodology in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic problems. She feels her passion for improving patients’ lifestyles in combination with her love of human movement and years of experience allow her to offer a comprehensive approach to helping patients reach their goals and live a more fulfilling life. Mary Lou has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1988 and has recently joined the Board of SOLE Foundation. She is an avid swimmer and enjoys growing (and sharing) flowers. She practices PRI principles daily to improve her own health. Congratulations! We want to give a special congratulations to Mary on her new home recently being finished!



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