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“Don’ t Suffer This Spring!” 9 TIPS TO AVOID ACHES & PAINS IN THE GARDEN

Common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, and raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints. This is especially true for senior citizens and people who are normally sedentary. Different body areas such as the shoulders, neck, back, and knees can be vulnerable to injury during gardening. (continued inside)

Inside: • 9TipsTo Avoid Aches & Pains InThe Garden

• How Physical Therapy Treats Back Pain

• Outstanding Patient Results

• Get On The Right Track With Kinect PT!

Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“Relieving Your Pesky Back Pain This Spring!” 9 TIPS TO AVOID ACHES & PAINS IN THE GARDEN

The following tips can help minimize or prevent injuries: • Warm up before you garden. A 10 minute brisk walk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up. • Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping. • Be aware of how your body feels as you work in your garden. If a part of your body starts to ache, take a break, stretch that body part in the opposite direction it was in, or switch to a different gardening activity. For example, if you’ve been leaning forward for more than a fewminutes, and your back starts to ache, slowly stand up, and gently lean backwards a few times. • Makeuseofagardencartorwheelbarrow tomoveheavyplantingmaterials or tools. Be sure to keep your back straight while using a wheelbarrow. • If kneeling on both knees causes discomfort in your back, try kneeling on one and keep the other foot on the ground. Use knee pads or a gardening pad when kneeling. • If kneeling or leaning down to the ground causes significant pain in your back or knees, consider using elevated planters to do your gardening. • Use good body mechanics when you pick something up or pull on something, such as a weed. Bend your knees, tighten your abdominals, and keep your back straight as you lift or pull things. Avoid twisting your spine or knees when moving things to the side; instead, move your feet or pivot on your toes to turn your full body as one unit. • Avoid bending your wrist upwards when pulling things or using gardening tools. Instead, keep your wrist straight and use your shoulder muscles to pull and lift. • End your gardening session with some gentle backward bending of your low back, a short walk and light stretching, similar to stretches done before starting.

Author: Andrea Avruskin PT, DPT

Look inside to learn more about our programs and say hello to a healthier you by returning to a pain-free, active lifestyle!

Outstanding Patient Results

I can now move with ease!

Lois came into the Chandler Clinic after breaking her arch and having surgery on it. She states “I had a great deal of difficulty getting from the sofa to the wheel chair. With Melanie’shelp, Icannowmovewitheaseand Iamwalking again. The staff and all the techs helped in my recovery. Thank you for your knowledge, your patience and your encouragements.Myarchhashealed,and Iam in thebest physical condition. Thank you, Kinect.” - Lois A.

I am back to walking and running!

Mr.Pruitt,sincestartingatKinectPhysicalTherapystates, “I am back to walking and running without pain in my calf, ankle and foot. I feel so much better with more flexibility thanduring the injuryand recovery.ThanksKinect foryour help!” - J. Pruitt

Get On The Right Track With Kinect PT!

SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! Get on the track to better health and activity. The therapists at Kinect Physical Therapy will help you regain range of motion, strength, balance and coordination resulting from pain in your shoulders, back, neck, hips or knees. Accomplish your resolutions with a safe and conservative treatment that gets results, we can help to strengthen and increase your mobility, while decreasing pain.

Our goal is to empower you to actively manage your pain without the need for more costly, invasive, and potentially harmful treatments. We will get you back to living the life you deserve. Call our clinic nearest you today for your free consultation.

How Physical Therapy Treats Back Pain

Millions of Americans each year suffer from debilitating back pain that affects their quality of life. Learn how to treat and relieve your back pain with physical therapy, thus reducing the chance of surgery. What does a physical therapist do and how can they help with low back pain? Whether you are having trouble getting out of bed, picking up your kids, putting on your socks and shoes, or avoiding your favorite sports or leisure activity, PT can help. We spend one on one time with you on each visit using hands-on techniques that get the joints, muscles and nerves moving again. We also design and have you complete a comprehensive exercise and education program to get you back to what YOU want to do, which is the whole point right? The physical therapists at Kinect Physical Therapy can help you move better with less pain and speed your recovery by giving you the tools to be successful. We don’t just treat your symptoms. We want to empower you to be able to prevent your pain from returning, to keep you healthy for the long run. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and see just how well your back can feel with physical therapy!

Why You Need To Come In For A FREE Check-Up: � Move without pain Think Kinect FIRST: Giving The Gift Of Health

Our Therapy Services

• Low Back Pain • Cervical Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Herniated/Bulging Disc • SI/Pelvic Pain • Arthritis • Sprains and Strains • Fractures

• Tennis Elbow • Rotator Cuff Injuries • Impingement Syndrome

� Sit for long periods comfortably

� Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely

• Balance Disorders • Difficulty Walking • Deconditioning • Muscle Weakness • Vertigo • And Many More!

� Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle

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REVEALED: THE SINGLE #1 BEST EXERCISE TO DO FOR SI JOINT AND PELVIC PAIN • Do you have back pain or sciatica when you sit? • Roll over in bed?

• Get in and out of a car? • Or drive for long periods?

If you do have pain when you do these normal every-day activities… then there’s a simple exercise you can do for relief… and get back to feeling normal again…

The 3 Common Causes of Back Pain and Sciatica

problem…the SI Joint. SI joint sufferers usually have pain with changing positions such as getting in and out of a car…or rolling over in bed…or getting in and out of bed. Sitting or driving is usually a problem…and one leg can feel “heavier” than the other. Sufferers with this cause can even experience groin pain and trouble controlling their bladder (even at a young age). Most people we see with SI joint and pelvic problems will have pain on either side of their tail bone or in their groin (as shown here…) Think you’re having trouble with your SI Joint? Most people with a problem in their SI Joint will report pain in the lower back beside the tailbone.

ü Herniated or slipped discs ü Stenosis, arthritis and disc degeneration ü SI joint and Pelvic Pain Now, the 3rd cause…SI Joint and Pelvic Pain, is a super tricky one. It’s frequently not picked up on an MRI or X-ray. And we’ve seen a lot of people suffering with back pain and sciatica who’ve tried everything else (including chiropractic, medications, hot packs, inversion tables, injections, smelly blue lotions, failed surgery…and even other PT)…yet are still suffering. Many times, these people have a hidden cause of their pain…a problem in the SI Joint or Pelvis. So the person might have had treatment for a disc problem or arthritis… but they never had treatment to address the real cause of their #1 Single Best Exercise for SI Joint and Pelvic Pain: Single Knee to Chest Isometric: While lying on your back, use your hands and gently draw up a knee towards your chest. Keep your other knee bent and foot supported on the ground. Repeat 5 Times. Hold 10 Seconds. Complete 1 Set. Perform 2 Time(s) a Day

Why Knowing the Cause of Your Back Pain or Sciatica is Important… When you know the CAUSE of your back pain and sciatica, then it’s much easier to do the right treatment to get back to normal… and heal naturally. At Kinect Physical Therapy, we specialize in helping people find out the exact CAUSE of their back pain and sciatica (this can be tricky… because some back pain and sciatica sufferers have more than 1 CAUSE). To schedule an appointment with one of our Back Pain and Sciatica Specialists and find out the exact cause of your back pain and sciatica, call us at a clinic nearest you. PS – During the month of March, we are giving away 11 Back Pain and Sciatica Screenings to past clients of Kinect Physical Therapy ONLY… who have suffered with back pain or sciatica in the past 30 days…t o schedule call a clinic nearest you. Expires 03/31/18. PPS – Do you know someone you care about who is suffering with back pain and sciatica? If so, there are 2 ways you can help them. First, you can have them call us and schedule an appointment. OR if they’re not ready to schedule yet, have them call our office and request a copy of our Report: “The Top 10 Burning Questions for Sciatica”…and we’ll mail them the report absolutely free. We’ll include a copy of this sheet in addition to some other information that will help them out. PPPS – Need extra copies of this newsletter to share with friends and family? Just pop in and visit… our receptionists will get you what you need.

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“Don’t Let Aches & Pains Slow You Down! ” EASY EXERCISES FOR BACK PAIN RELIEF

If you are experiencing back pain and don’t find the tips below helpful, call and schedule a Free Consultation with one of our specialists who can further assist you in getting back to a pain free life.


CAT AND CAMEL While on your hands and knees in a crawl position, raise up your back and arch it towards the ceiling. Next return to a lowered position and arch your back the opposite direction. Repeat 5 Times. Hold 10 Seconds. Complete 1 Set. Perform 2 Time(s) a Day.

SEATED PRAYER STRETCH Sit in a chair place your arms straight forward with your palms up towards the ceiling. Continue to slide your hands out in front of you until you feel the stretch. You can also move your chair back if you need to feel a deeper stretch. Hold 30 Seconds. Complete 5 Sets. Perform 2 Time(s) a Day.


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